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Western horoscope and his zodiacal signs

The western horoscope is based on a band that is on the planet earth and one extends 8 grades towards two sides where there move the Sun and the planets and this trajectory realizes the formation of a stripe in the sky every terrestrial year.

In ancient times of Greece this band split into twelve imaginary equal parts which were distributed in one for every month of the year; the same ones represent a sector in the sky that possesses an extension of approximately 30 grades in the arch. Bearing this in mind we can say that the western horoscope is unja fundamental tool in the western astrology, since in the astrology that him belongs to other cultures, like for example the Chinese astrology, one gives him a lot of more importance to the same region of the sky but the definition of the horoscope is completely different. In the astrology the constellations of the western horoscope define to twelve zodiacal signs, which often are used like a divination method, but especially they are used to achieve the dressmaking of the personal characteristics that an individual possesses, and since well we know, the sign corresponding to the western horoscope decides according to the month in that the same was born.

Aries (from April 21 until April 20): the persons who belong to this sign of the western horoscope are usually active, determined, enthusiasts and take every difficulty that presents the life to them like a learning way. Frequently they are usually impulsive and rash, and in the professional thing they stand out for sui leadership capacity. When an ariano falls in love it is usually very affectionate and a retailer and although he enjoys his own space, he likes to commit himself.

horoscope - occidental-imagenesTaurus (from April 21 until May 21): the bullfighting ones are very hard-working, conservative, calm and reflective, although they can turn out to be obstinate egoists and in some violent cases. Laboralmente this sign of the western horoscope feels how in social tasks, and as for his personal life it usually has a big aptitude to love, although his idiocy often obstructs his relations.

Gemini (from May 22 until June 21): Gemini it is characterized by his ingenuity and big intellectual curiosity, although this sign of the western horoscope they tend to develop activities that do not take it to any side. Any profession related to the communication makes them feel very good and as for the affectionate relations, the principal feature that they possess is that they are very variable and disconcerting. Although they love with intensity, they do not like the commitment very jealous and possessive and they are.

Cancer (from June 22 until July 23): the crab of the western horoscope they are usually very sensitive, protectors although slightly contradictory and capricious. Bearing in mind the sensibility of this sign, the arts are his field, and his affective relations, it is probable that at first there are something insecure if the same therefore it is very important to demonstrate love to them constantly. The crabs usually form very solid and lasting relations.

I read (from July 23 until August 23): I read it is the strongest sign of the western horoscope; ambitious tyrants and aggressive also they turn out to be very nice and affectionate with the persons who want; the lions are provided with a very strong and imposing personality, with these characteristics we can determine that the best works in which it gets out of debt are those in those that it must direct to other persons. As for love, they are delivered completely, although frequently, they want to direct the relation, creating many conflicts in her.

Virginity (from August 24 until September 23): the personality that there possess the persons born under this sign of the western horoscope, of caracteriza for being modest, methodical and analytical; in spite of his individualism and egoism they are usually very effective and in the relations they strain for creating a happy ambience, but this often turns out to be darkened due to the magnificación of details that have no importance.

It frees (from September 24 until October 23): bearing in mind that his symbol is the scales, we can say that the personality of pound sterling is very just, balanced in addition to possessing the only artistic capacity; some of the defects that they possess are the depression, melancholy and the vanity. With regard to the labor thing, they can get out of debt very well in works in which his artistic capacity is the priority and the love, we are facing a worth one who cannot live without and the relations that it begins are usually wonderful.

Scorpio (from October 24 until November 22): the scorpions of the western horoscope are usually active, tenacious, prudent. His negative characteristics appear in the fact that they are very vindictive persons, often envious and dangerous. The professions that more are adapted to them are those of doctor or police officer and they have a big capacity for the development of the clairvoyance. In the love they usually have a very strong character; they are unfaithful and they usually disappoint his couples constantly. It is not common that a scorpion falls in love truly since they please a lot of freedom, and see to the commitment like one it supplies of slavery.

horoscope - occidental-signosSagittarius (from November 23 until December 20): the sagitarianos are optimistic and very entertaining, it fascinates to them to travel and to know the new people all the time, but they are very superficial and self-centered, what them does one of the signs of the most inconstant western horoscope. Born to explore, all the careers that have to do with it are his fortress, and as for the love they are very variable and rebellious, and they detest the boring relations.

Capricorn (from December 21 until January 20): responsible, tidy and patient, the capricornianos often are usually too rigid and distrustful. His favorite professions are related to routine works in which a big steadfastness is needed and in the love they are usually very proud and afraid of losing his freedom, what it is not allowed them to deliver completely.

Aquarius (from January 21 until February 19): the acuarianos stand out for being original, independent and very generous with those persons that it loves, although they like the solitude, they are quite nostalgic and frequently they fall down in the extremism. They like to be in love although they usually analyze every small detail of his relation, leading them to being something absorbent with his couples. They feel a very big rejection for the commitment, but when they fall in love they live for the person that they them already accompany to weigh of his unfaithful nature, under the effects of the love, they want to be only with the person that they love.

Pisces (from February 20 until March 20): the last sign of the western horoscope has the characteristic of being very impressionable and sacrificed, although they are persons very easy to influence. The artistic capacities are his fortress due to his sensibility and in the love they usually depend much of the relations that they begin.

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