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13 signs of the Mayan horoscope

The Mayan horoscope links with the calendar of this civilization that feigns to have an accuracy much major than the Gregorian calendar.

The Mayan horoscope is based on two calendars, that of the Tazol, which it possesses 206 days and the calendar haab carric of 365; both calendars present a very big difference between the solar time and the moon. So that the calendar determines the Mayan horoscope, the same one it splits into thirteen moons, or also into lunar periods with 28 days each one. The quantity of the moons they were creating a whole of 364 days, and 365 it was the day chosen to celebrate the holidays since there was called he “the day where the time it does not exist already”. The Maya was calling to the moons with names of animals since they were representing a fundamental symbol in the civilization; because there were different and very typical days, whenever a new person was born it was assuming certain qualities of the animal to him according to the day of the birth, and thirteen animals that they represent to the Mayan horoscope are guards and protectors of the above mentioned person.

Bat (from July 22 to August 22): The bats of the Mayan horoscope possess a very strong character that generally is developed at early age in addition to having a very high self-esteem. They have an ideal character for the leadership and the only skill to solve the problems. horoscope - maya-mayaGenerally they incline for works in companies, also like economists, the ministers and up to leaders and in some occasions they present a series of artistic capacities, especially in the humorous ambience. As couple they turn out to be very liberal although they are reliable protectors of his house and family.

Scorpion (from August 23 to September 19): in the Mayan horoscope the scorpions are usually very of local customs and manners and traditional, although they feign to have the only mental largeness to be able to treat any topic, really they are very rigid persons that rehúsan to the changes. The professions where they stand out that they are usually like lawyers, notaries, secretaries and assistants and as couple the scorpion pleases to demonstrate his fondness and when they go out injured it is impossible to excuse to them.

Deer (from September 20 to October 17): inside the Mayan, this horoscope it is the sign that major sensibility presents since they have been born to love deeply and to receive the same class love, also, they love the peace and the harmony. Due to the sensibility that they have, the works in which more they stand out are the artistic ones, the poetry, the painting, the sculpture. Logically since couple is very romantic and affectionate and whenever it is in a relation, it turns it into his biggest priority; once they fall in love it is very difficult to extract them of this structure.

Owl (from October 18 to November 14): those who belong to this sign of the Mayan horoscope stand out for being very intuitive persons, in addition to being extremely sociable. At the same time, the owl is very spiritual and they are usually beings that in spite of his sociability they like living through shoves in his internal world. The possible vocations in which the owls can stand out are the esoterism, and the alternative medicine, and also they turn out to be excellent farmers, biologists and astrologers. The owl is very easily infatuated and it can go so far as to have several couples and marriages.

Peacock (from November 15 to December 12): The peacocks of the Mayan horoscope take as a task to be reinvented if the same repeatedly with the only purpose of standing out between the others. The ideal works are usually those that allows them to be the center of attention, therefore the performance, the dance and the singing are usually the most stated. When the peacock is in couple they like to love and to be loved by the same intensity since this makes them feel very important.

Lizard (from December 13 to January 9): the lizards have the aptitude to adapt themselves to any ambience and stand out for being very tidy and prolix persons in all the aspects of his life. Some of the tasks that more fit to this sign of the Mayan horoscope are those of surgeon, dentist, neurologist or librarian. In the affectionate ambience they are very introverted persons by what when they are in couple they are much reserved.

Monkey (from January 10 to February 6): the monkeys are characterized for being most entertained of the Mayan horoscope, usually very good humor and infect it have, in addition to that they like to be all the time doing horseplay. The professions that more are convenient for him to the monkeys are those related to the theater and the TV, although they like doing many things simultaneously. In the love, it costs them the loyalty since they get bored quickly, but when they fall in love they are unconditional and very affectionate.

Hawk (from February 7 to March 6): the Hawk as sign of the Mayan horoscope is usually very spiritual in addition to possessing a very strong power and a personality. Generally they incline for all those professions linked to the law, although also it is common that they devote themselves to the aviation, since the hawks like to fly. In couple she turns out to be a very faithful and dedicated person since they have a very strong morality, they are very honest and sincere persons.

horoscope - maya-horoscopoJaguar (from March 7 to April 3): this is one of the signs of the most passionate and fiery Mayan horoscope, in addition to which Mayan is most respected by the gods. In the labor ambience they like the challenges, they always look for new things to which to face for it to be a prizefighter or musician there are two very common inclinations. When the jaguar falls in love truly it focuses all his energy in this relation, but it is difficult to them to be the faithful due to his hunter's nature.

Fox (from April 4 to May 1): the fox is very united and capable of giving everything to assure the well-being of a person that it loves. They are always fighting for the human rights and defend all those people who does not have the possibility of doing it. The fox is the most hard-working of the Mayan horoscope and they stand out in the sociology, the medicine, psychology and any other type work that should allow him to help the neighbor. As “bodyguards“ are a couple much, they protect and take care hard of the person that they love.

Snake (from May 2 to May 29): to the snake he likes the life full of luxuries and lechery, for it they always try to obtain it. Anyhow, they are characterized for enjoying the solitude and the peace without nobody them bothering in spite of being very sociable and friendly persons. To the snakes it fascinates to them to be cultivated, for what the history and the philosophy are usually his favorite careers. In the love they turn out to be very interesting beings and they are very easily infatuated. In couple they are usually very annoying persons therefore it is common that a lasting couple finds it hard to them to find and if one hurts them, can react in a least awaited way.

Squirrel (from May 30 to June 26): the squirrels of the Mayan horoscope are very anxious, full of happiness and love; they like to speak very much and they do not have any problem in expressing his feelings and his ideal career it is that where they could exploit the whole loquacious potential that they keep. To the squirrel he loves the romanticism and they spend it to themselves dreaming of the ideal person. Although they save a lot of money, they usually spend without control in things that they do not need.

Turtle (from June 27 to July 25): to the turtle it fascinates to him to be in his house and to enjoy his family. They are very hard-working and they are always ready to strain in every task that is assigned to them. Generally they are very patient for what all the works that have to do with the people or the attention to the public sound the ideals. In the love they are usually very shy and introverted, can be in love much but they will never say it.

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