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The lunar horoscope, a way of clairvoyance

The lunar horoscope arises from that the man has devoted himself to observe the sky, looking for the answers to his existence and with running of the time he learned about the influence of the moon on the ground.

This way it discovered, for example, that was what it had to do to obtain good harvests, which influences it had the states of the moon in the sowings and even in which lunar stage certain types of plants were favored; at present the moon and his phases usually collaborate with the humors and the reactions that the people usually have opposite to different circumstances.

The Moon, it is a clearly feminine beginning and it shows the unconscious mind and to the instinctive needs; also, and due to the observation that was realized in several previous generations, today we know and verify that the time in that late in moving about the Earth between 27 and 28 days. This way also it went so far as to discover that the moon and his phases were related to the menstrual cycle of the woman; this fact was verified from nine moons for which a pregnant woman has to cross to give birth. horoscope - lunar-chicaThe true thing is that the moon has a powerful influence on the behavior and the way of feeling and of being related of every individual, even, as well we were saying previously, it influences plants, animals, even the climate, the tides and everything what is part of the nature. Bearing all this in mind we must say that in contrast to other horoscopes the lunar horoscope does not determine the personal features of every person, but it is used more like a way of clairvoyance and prediction. The fact that the phases of the moon influence the behavior of the beings live through you and of the ambience that surrounds it he can help us to know of that way the different situations will affect us and to be able to understand the influence of the moon on us we must know that we all are part of the nature and hence we act as regards the stars and the set that forms the universe, which although we do not notice it, they influence straight in everything what we do.

The influence of the moon in the signs

Since well we have explained, the phases of the moon are a fundamental instrument in the astrology, and precisely what determines our lunar horoscope is the phase of the moon in which we are born. As well we said that this one will not influence our personal features but if in our emotional reactions. Now then, the time that passes between two new moons, is completed in approximately 29 days, and in this time the natural satellite of the ground believes up to coming to his full phase and then it begins to decrease again; when this cycle begins, the moon meets in conjunction the sun, that is to say that is in the same sign and in the same grade that this one and when it moves away from the es when it becomes visible from the ground especially when it is in full growth. This phase that determines the lunar horoscope, comes only up to the first quarter of the moon, what would be the phase known as “the fourth crescent”, then happens for the phase of “the first quarter”, and stops in that of “half a Moon”.

horoscope - lunar-templateFrom here the lunar horoscope begins to exercise his influence with a lot of more force, and his transition begins until the end of the phases, happening for “last Quarter” and “diminishing Quarter” that would be the Full moon. After this the phase cycle starts by beginning again by the new moon. It is important that we stand out the fact that the full moon is the one that more loudly influences the human behavior, since one believes that the energy radiation that it transmits usually affects sensorialmente the people, it is for it for that the night I spread there is full moon the persons tend to become a little violent, for it it is necessary that he can control this type of the states.

From all forms every person is different and reacts of different ways, but on the other hand, those persons who have been born under the lunar horoscope of the full moon, they have an inevitable predisposition to the violence. Finally we cannot allow mentioning the fact that, although the lunar horoscope is not one d and the most popular, many people to dedicated his life to his study and analysis, but it is important that we bear in mind that the same one is usually very complex of understanding, for it, in case you feel some interest to know that you provide the year according to his lunar horoscope, the best thing is to contact a person experienced on the topic, which could carry out in a correct way the reading of the lunar horoscope.

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