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Chinese horoscope, I seal for sign

The Chinese horoscope is one of the principal props of the Chinese culture and one of the most popular legends that is known of the Chinese horoscope is the one that tells that God summoned to all the animals and many of them did not want to take part of the meeting.

For his part, the rat asked him to the cow this one to take it in his loin. When they came up to where God was, the rat began to give jumps on the cow so that they were noticing it and one listened to the comment of all saying “there the rat comes” for this reason, his sign is the first one in the Chinese horoscope. Other 11 animals that were coming, rewarded his kindness to them each one allowing them to direct one year. The Chinese horoscope you sewed in 12 signs constituted by animals that recur every 12 years, and they not only apply the years, but also they have a strong influence on the days until the hours. Although about the Chinese horoscope it is thought that the month of birth it influences the personality of every individual, it is important to say that in this case the signs take for year of birth and per month.

Rat (1960-1972-1984-1996-2008): the rat is usually very direct and it is honest in addition to be characterizing for very hard-working. Although it is very easy to take very well with her, it will be only generous with those persons for whom he feels a big fondness. horoscope - chino-simbolosThis is one of the signs of the Chinese horoscope which principal characteristic is that of being a faultfinder and one always searches for them to find the fifth paw to the cat. In the ambience of the love, the rat can be very faithful, but his economic interests are over the love.

Ox (1961-1973-1985-1997): the persons born under this sign of the Chinese horoscope are usually worth of confidence, methodical and calm. The ox (or buffalo) is usually a very hard-working being, and it will be delivered directly to any task that they assign to him, without leaving anything for doing. In the affectionate field, this sign is characterized by his ingenuousness; they are idealistic and inclined to the eternal relations, although they are slightly slow to react and to confess his real feelings.

Tiger (1962-1974-1986-1998): The tiger is a power symbol, and the persons born under this sign of the Chinese horoscope tend to impose very much respect and admiration; they are very impulsive persons and they like being very much the center of attention in addition to being very affectionate or possessing an excellent sense of humor. Although the Tiger is excited and sentimental they usually provoke many fights for unjustified jealousy, for it the relations that they begin tend to be something difficult.

Rabbit (1963-1975-1987.1999): A person born under this sign of the Chinese horoscope loves to take a calm life and in peace, and in many cases it is characterized for being a quiet, sometimes sad person, and foreign to the ambience that surrounds it; often it is usually indifferent with the persons in general. It will leave that any detail passes to him, neither the good ones nor you bad although if he evaluates something that turns out to be neither so serious nor irreversible it is probable that it allows it to happen. In the love they are very reserved persons that they like supporting his life privately and the principal characteristic of the rabbit is that he knows much more than he says.

Dragon (1964-1976-1988-2000): the dragon is a perfectionist full of vitality and generosity, although also it is self-centered and very eccentric. It usually defends his convictions to layer and sword and a dragon that is pushed back or this one angry can be very dangerous. In spite of having a very emotional character, this sign of the Chinese horoscope is neither romantic nor sentimental therefore it is not necessary to wait much of them in a relation.

Snake (1965-1977-1989-2001): the snake is the most karmic sign of the Chinese horoscope: his life will begin with victory and with tragedy and will end of the same way, and although they usually deny it they are very superstitious. One of the negative aspects is that when the snake gets angry it fills with hate and there is no way of being anticipated to his movements. He always usually looks for a couple whom to admire since he does not like being related to the people who considers mediocre or low.

Horse (1966-1978-1990.2002): the horse is usually a very popular, sociable and warm sign and on having been very changeable persons, they are usually so impulsive in his acts, as also unpredictable. Independent, impetuous and rash, to the horses they like everything rapid one and generally it is difficult to them to agree. In the love they stand out for his tendency to the stormy relations that never end well, but they are easily infatuated and very passionate.

horoscope - chino-signosGoat (1967-1979-1991-2003): the goat (or sheep) is the most feminine sign of the Chinese horoscope, it is sincere and honest and extremely shy. On not having had control of his emotions, they are usually very depressive persons. Although it is a very generous animalcule and he never forgets of important dates, it is usually very emotional, and that that forgets of the date of his birthday, he will be the culprit of all the misfortunes that the goat suffers in his life; she needs to feel dear constantly.

Monkey (1962-1980-1992-2004): in the Chinese horoscope, the monkey represents those persons who spend it to themselves inventing and improvising ideas, they are entertained and nice, and they like making a detour with the people that they turn it into the center of attention. In his negative aspect, the monkey generally has a big superiority complex, lacks respect towards the others and can turn out to be very egoistic and conceited. Because it does not represent the persons who deserve confidence, it is difficult to them to begin a relation since they are unfaithful and lying.

Rooster (1969-1981-1993-2005): inside the Chinese horoscope, the rooster is the most unincluded and an eccentric of the signs. It fascinates to him to discuss and to demonstrate to all all all that he knows and the informed thing that is, and is characterized usually by a personality that calls greatly the attention. The best qualities of a rooster are in his honesty and organization, also they are very direct, determined and they are always alert from what it goes on around him.

Dog (1970 - 1982 - 1994 - 2006): the dog is the most agreeable sign of the Chinese horoscope. They are sincere and very intelligent in addition to having a deep allegiance feeling and he always likes being related to all kinds of the people, he never hopes that they should approach him since it always goes to the meeting. Anyhow the dog is characterized for being a fights generator and is a very pessimistic person. Although she is a faithful person, in the love it will never put his couple for on his friends.

Pig (1971-1983-1995-2007): the pig of the Chinese horoscope is characterized for being a simple and frank person, although something ingenuous, it was always taking his life pass with happiness and a natural resignation. Although it is easy to irritate, it usually gives the account in everything since he prefers to be in peace before discussing or fighting and loves to realize benefactions. In the affectionate field, the pig usually seeks employment with devotion, in addition to giving love and happiness without demanding anything in return. His couples very important usually make to feel and attended, for it the fact is that the pig represents the ideal couple.

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