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Celtic Horsócopo of the trees

The trees and the forests always represented a life symbol in the Celtic astrology, and for this reason, the druids were inspired by them to realize the diagram of the Celtic horoscope, based on the trees guards of every persons whose allocation will depend entirely wing epoch and the date of birth of every persons.

In whole, the trees guards are 21 and every tree symbolizes a virtue of the gods; some of the trees of the Celtic horoscope that we can mention are, for example the Poplar corresponding to the insecure, solitary persons, although much enthusiasts. The principal feature of those persons who have been born under the watch of the poplar is the suspense; the Birch is the tree of Celtic horoscope that takes care of the backs of the vivacious, friendly persons who are not pretentious at all, although not much excited by the things that it does. The principal feature of the birch is the Inspiration. The fir tree, he is in charge of taking care of all those persons who deal and worry constantly for the persons that they have around him, and the principal characteristic of this tree of the Celtic horoscope is the mystery.

horoscope - celta-imagenesThe maple represents the persons strong and full of imagination. He stands out for his originality and his pride and most of the times also possess a too high self-esteem. An open mind is the principal characteristic of this tree; the persons born under the guard of the tree of hazelnuts are usually really charming, excellent partners and especially very tolerant due to his sense of the justice.

The principal feature of the same ones is the extraordinary thing; the chestnuts tree in the Celtic horoscope usually has a developed sense of the justice, in addition to being sincere, diplomatic and with someone insecurity complexes; the principal feature that characterizes these persons is the honesty; the ashes tree is characterized usually by his ambitious and interested nature, does not import the criticism for him and they are usually full of talent and skillful capacities. The principal characteristic of this tree is the ambition; the tree of the The Hague is usually quite superficial since only the appearances matter and it is permanently dependent on what the others will say of, they are usually permanently under some diet. The principal feature is the creativity. The Hornbeam is usually quite distrustful and he is never sure of the decisions that it must take or it has already taken, is one idealist appears in person much as for love and always this one happy with any person who makes company to him; they are characterized by the good taste.

Celtic horoscope of the poltergeists

Since well we know, the mythology and Celtic culture are related principally to the nature, and a part of the same one there are the guards who insure themselves of there support in perfect theirs balances, that is to say, the poltergeists, the gnomes and the fairies, between other elementary beings. Like that is that the current Celtic culture guard assigned a gnome and a poltergeist to him to each of the western signs, from there the Celtic poltergeists horoscope was born. Basically, the persons must be contacted with his poltergeists so that these help them in the most difficult moments, or, to a little be lucky, bearing this in mind we can say that for Aries, the Gnome the name of guard is Harumh and belongs to the family of the poltergeist Verny.

horoscope - celta-simbolosTaurus is governed by the gnome Zocoss that belongs to the family of the poltergeist Jefte; for the Celtic Orozco of the poltergeists, the géminis guard is the gnome Giafar, and he belongs to the family of the poltergeist Clion; in cancer there governs the gnome Bread, which belongs to the poltergeist Yark; for leo, the guard of the sign as the Celtic horoscope is the gnome Raschib that is part of the family of the poltergeist Edoss; In virginity there is the gnome guard Mobarak who is part of the family of the poltergeist Oldh.

For the sign of pound sterling there imposes the diet given by the gnome on herself Jenny who is part of the family of the poltergeist Pyloo; Scorpio for his part is governed by the gnome Haruko, direct relative of the poltergeist Smark; sagitario it expires with the diet of the Celtic horoscope corresponding to the gnome Otbat that belongs to the family of the poltergeist Basy; to capricornio, the Celtic horoscope has designated him to the gnome Magrebin like guard, who belongs to the family of the poltergeist Vikran. The acuarianos must be contacted with the gnome by Igor, relative of the poltergeist Rimon whenever they need help in the luck with some problem; and finally the gnome that applies to the piscis sign, according to the Celtic horoscope is the gnome Elio belonging to the family of the poltergeist Wull. Our poltergeists guards help us to stay balanced on body, mind and soul, and especially they deal to help very much of us to fight with strong emotions, but in turn it is important that we bear in mind that the invocation to the poltergeists cannot be a diversion since it can cause the annoyance of the same ones, which in some cases, are quite vindictive.

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