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The signs as the Aztec horoscope

The Aztec horoscope, it has his origin in the Mayan astrological calendar, since he considers the influence of the position of the stars at the moment when a person is born; especially doing emphasis on the position of the Sun and of the Moon.

Basing on this information the ancient Aztec priests usually calculated the destination of every individual of a way very similar to the native letters that we know of the modern horoscope represented to the Aztec horoscope in twelve signs that became incarnate in animals, vegetables or some type of object that are part of the sacred Aztec cosmogony. According to the Aztec horoscope, the year begins in February and this represents a complex system that consists for three calendars: the lot, the sacred one and the venusino, which in turn can simplify making it coincide of a way brought near in a combination these three mentioned Aztec calendars, together with the dates that they correspond to the modern calendar.

He marries: this sign of the Aztec horoscope enjoys the safety and the harmony and the intensity that it shows both in his personal relations and in the friendship; the persons born under this sign are a little insecure of himself. The works that better him sit are those related to the hotel trade or the architecture and often the lack of money can turn them somewhat irritating. horoscope - azteca-template

Snake: in the Aztec horoscope the snake is the symbol the fertility and one has big predisposition to gain a lot of money; the persons born under this sign need the admiration of the others, therefore they can turn out to be slightly absorbent when they are in couple. In the labor thing, his way is the medicine or the psychoanalysis; the snake might enjoy a little more of the life his he could laugh at if the same occasionally.

Roebuck: agreeable and pacific the roebuck of the Aztec horoscope is always the best friend of the whole world, although internally they are usually very shy and introverted persons; they are sentimental and vulnerable and if they are not corresponded in the love, they usually suffer more of the account. In labor the roebuck stands out in those professions that link with the nature, like the veterinarian or the botany.

Rabbit: the councils have an excellent gift for the negotiation as what the diplomatic or executive charges are those that more they adapt to his character. They are very sociable persons and familieras and in spite of his unfaithful nature, this sign of the Aztec horoscope is usually very romantic and affectionate.

Dog: the dog is the most faithful and kind Aztec sign with a big development of his intuition although a little obsessed with the efficacy and the order. The careers that more fit to the sound the legal profession, the psychoanalysis, or it is even unrolled very well in works of police officer, observers or governmental officials. In the love it is usually very selective and this prevents him from finding his happiness.

Monkey: the monkey is a big philosopher and orator, and if he makes use of all his skills it has the guaranteed success. They are usually very kind and affectionate persons with his friends, but in couple they become egoistic and unfaithful. They are unrolled very well in tasks like the art, the science, the commerce and the skill.

The cane: it is an emblem of the light and the knowledge; those who were born under this sign of the Aztec horoscope are very optimistic persons and they can enjoy to the maximum his life. Any career that has to do with the communication is ideal for them and on the other hand it is always better to take it as friendly than like couple.

horoscope - azteca-imagenesJaguar: the jaguar symbolizes the nobility of the heart; when it obtains the success he usually thinks about how with whom to share it, but before any error, the jaguar does not know the pardon. The careers in which they stand out are the administrative ones and with regard to his personal life, as friends are usually excellent and like couple they are much more sexual than romantic, they have no problems with the loyalty but they do not like the boring relations.

Eagle: this sign of the Aztec horoscope stands out for his value and his beauty; impulsive and passional, the eagle does not tolerate the orders although ironically them an excellent military man does his warrior's soul. In the love they are usually very impatient, since they want to live intensely and if his couple does not give them what they need, simply they leave.

Silex: the silex symbolizes the sacrifice and the creativity; they have an enormous willpower and he will always look for those professions in which it could develop his artistic capacities. Like friend, it is always sacrificing itself for the others and in the love they usually have a predisposition to the sedentary relations.

Flower: the flower in the Aztec horoscope represents the beauty and the pleasure. The persons born under this sign live without hurries and generally he flees of the commitments; the works that better him sit have a lot to do with his aptitude to help other persons and in spite of his unfaithful nature, when they fall in love they are conditional and they need of much physical and verbal affection.

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