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What is the hoodoo?

The hoodoo is an original religion of Africa that was exterminated by racist groups whose speculations were attributing the use of nonexistent objects to manage to dominate the persons, as it usually do with the dolls voodoo, to which pins and nails stick so that the victim suffers some type of damage I reflect.

The city mother of the hoodoo at present is New Orleáns where there exist thousands of persons who realize all kinds of practices hoodoo, although many of them usually hide since it is a question of a religion that derives from the voodoo, and although his similarities are minimal, there are great the people who condemns the practice of the hoodoo. Many persons ask what the hoodoo is, we say to them that, as the voodoo, the hoodoo was taken to America by tribes slaves in the year 1835 due to the popularity of the hoodoo in the beginning, the catholic church promulgated an edict that points out that any type of practice related to the hoodoo was remaining categorically prohibited.

Therefore all those persons who were taking the different types of practices corresponding to the hoodoo, had to begin to hide and to move since, adding him to it that it was a question of slaves, they were chased by the whole area. hoodoo-templateIn spite of his African origins, many investigators who devote themselves to study all this type of tribal religions, make sure that the hoodoo is essentially, a North American system of folk beliefs, and on the other hand they do not consider it to be a religion.

When one speaks about what is the hoodoo the comparisons with the voodoo they are inevitable since both have basically the same roots, but it is important to stand out the fact that the hoodoo is had typical by some more laywomen in addition to whom it is characterized by the quantity of religious beliefs that it incorporates. With regard to the practices we can say that the hoodoo bases on the black magic, witchcraft, conjurations and philters and on having being brought from Africa by the slaves caught by the United States, the practices of the hoodo were mixed by the aboriginal botany and several European, pagan, Jewish and Christian folkloric systems, the miscellany of all this was the person in charge of creating a new type of folkloric magic of the United States and in conclusion it is possible to be said that the hoodoo is something like amalgam of several beliefs.

Types of practices of the hoodoo and his characteristics

Another definition or answer for the question: "What is the hoodoo?" it links to the term “conjuration“ since it does emphasis on the power that every person possesses. The persons who practise it every day usually create different types of charm for the purpose of recovering, attracting, protecting and in some cases, hurt other persons. The elements that are used to realize the charm and conjurations are principally grasses and plants, although which is the charm, the sails, the oils and the ritual music also are of big help. On the other hand it is important to emphasize the fact that both the philosophy, and the culture and the practitioners of hoodoo are completely established of the rest of the North American society, since as well we know, the United States is one of the most superstitious countries that exists in the world.

hoodoo-altarThis takes that the fear that produces the above mentioned superstition to him with regard to practices foreign to his understanding, make aside not alone the hoodoo but also many other practices and religions. With regard to the hoodoo charm we can say that the same ones are effective as well as and as soon as it creates one in them. Generally when the charm is to do a good work, like the protection or the illnesses remedy, the same one can go so far as to have a positive result since the intention with which this act is realized fulfills a fundamental role in the hoodoo charm.

Of equal way, many hoodoo practitioners make sure that the belief in a curse hoodoo is the only thing that is needed to achieve that this one becomes effective, according to them, the belief is much more powerful than any type of magic. Finally, an important characteristic to be emphasized is that the blues is a fundamental report of the magic practices hoodoo, since as well we said, occasionally the music results from big help to carry out the charm hoodoo. There exist many bands that there devote themselves to do to themselves those that “Hoo-doo Blues“ calls himself and although of that this one talks each other of a very popular music, the bands that devote themselves to touch music blues for the magic practices move in a closed circle, between the garúes and the common practitioners of the hoodoo.

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