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Histories of the real ouija

Bearing in mind that the board ouija is one of the methods most well-known and used to do I contact with the beings of further away, there exist innumerable histories of the ouija that turn out to be really frightening and although the veracity of the same ones stays in the conscience of each one, many of these histories of the ouija are the person in charge for doing that the people do not dare to play with the supernatural forces.

Nevertheless, also they provoke the curiosity of many others who thanks to these histories cheer up to verify if really the table ouija works or not. Next we will allude to some of the histories of the ouija more known in the paranormal world.

Valencia, Spain 10/25/2007

A note published a newspaper about approximately five Valencian boys who met in a house left for the purpose of practising spiritualistic meetings by means of a table ouija. They prepared an altar and began with the game of the hand of one of the boys who was officiating as “spokesman“ in the game. The first question that I realize was: "if the presence of some of us bothers you, say to us who is and it will leave”; at once the leader of the table marked three names those who looking astonished decided to leave at once the meeting.

After having traveled a few scarce 80 meters far from the house, the boys felt a really thunderous noise and when they rolled over to see that it had happened, saw like the godforsaken house it was collapsing on two boys who had continued playing with the ouija.

Caracas, Venezuela 1/30/2006

Other one of the histori