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How does the history of the tarot begin

The history of the tarot goes back to the ancient Egypt, since one believes leeway of the sacred book written in golden sheets and dictated by the Egyptian God Thot, manager of foreseeing the future, in addition to being who invented the writing in the Egyptian engravings; one believes that the biggest arcane ones were a work of the same one and that it captured them in a table of emerald, which in that epoch was constituting one of the most important stones, in which, in turn, there was recorded the magic table that was in the Hermes grave.

Most of the symbols that appear in the sacred Toth book come from educations corresponding to ancient civilizations that populated the ground it does much more than 50 centuries and the above mentioned engraved symbols are a part of the trace that they left in the history. Continuing for the line of the symbols of the sacred book, the major arcane ones also they are part of a derivation of the same ones, which in turn, are fused by 40 letters of the sticks of glass oros, coarse. So that we could understand correctly how the Thot book is related to the history of the tarot, we must say that the same one was composed by symbols and several hieroglyphics in which there was summed up the knowledge of the god Thot taken shape of 78 made plates of gold with the respective figures of the biggest arcane ones and the arcane minors.

On the other hand many students of the topic are stubborn in finding the origin of the Tarot in the word “Tarot“; one believes that the same one can come from the river Taro, in Italy, or from the Latin Orat that he means to "argue"; also of the word Taru that in Hindu means “letters“, and logically of the Egyptian word Tarosh that means “Real way”.history - tarot-historia

Anyhow, it is important that the history of the tarot and his origins are not known specially, the students simply base on the most ancient documents that were found alluding to the use of the Tarot, but really one believes that the Tarot is much more ancient. With going on from the time, the cards have been changing in the history of the tarot. The craftsmen who were devoting themselves to make them began to be employed at them using a series of cultural symbols so that they could adapt themselves to the different fields of the human studies, particularly for the history, the anthropology and the semiotics. The most modern letters began to appear in Europe in the XIth century and began to spread all over the world, and although there is not known by entire certainty the moment in which the playing cards began to circulate in Europe, Spain, Italy and France always disputed the creation of the same ones.

The history of the tarot and his evolution until our days

We can say that one of the most important moments of the history of the tarot is the actuality; in America, for example, there is every time major the persons' quantity that they are been interesting learning about the Tarot, and much bigger still, it is the quantity of the people who resorts to the famous tarot consultations. In fact, the cards of letters of tarot are looked by housewives, students, business men and by the people of all the social levels. Another important detail to be born in mind in the history of the tarot, is that many adult persons, organize meetings of tarot and esoteric fairs where it is possible to consult with some tarotista.

history - tarot-cartasIn many countries conferences are even realized to speak about the history of the tarot, independently of the motive, the tarot is a part of our everyday life. Now well any current mallet descends straight from those cards used in the XIVth century and as well we said previously, with running of the years, and with the advance of the history of the tarot, the 22 biggest arcane ones begun to be left aside (with the exception of the letter corresponding to the "madman" who turned into the joker) and it went over to the current mallet of 52 letters. A fact onlookers but important that we can give him is that the cards of more ancient and important in the history of the tarot, they are in the library of Paris.

One of them is that of Jcques Gringoneur, which was requested by the same king Carlos VI, who granted him 57 Parisian suns as soon as his work was concluded; it is said that the principal reason for which, they summoned this artist to realize the letters card, was truly to distract the madness of the king, and the card game was consisting of 3 sets different from which, today, preserve 17 letters; tens students of the history of the tarot, visit every day the library to be able to have an approach to this so important historical piece in this branch of the esoterism and the divination.

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