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Beginning to the inscrutability

The inscrutability is a current of philosophical, spiritual and religious beliefs that are based on the writings of the Greek philosopher, Hermes Trismegisto. Hermes was considered to be in the ancient Greece a developer luck, and most of his writings happened to be basically philosophical jewels in the ancient theology of the Egyptians.

This opinion about the philosopher was accepted by the scholars of the renaissance who were who translated most of the books of the inscrutability. The name Hermes Trismegisto means “three times big” and at present, Hermes represents a Greek God whose equivalent in the Roman pantheon is a Mercury. Most of the persons who study and they adopted the inscrutability they make be called “the heirs of Hermes”, and in fact the alchemists consider the philosopher to be the creator of this science. In turn, one believes that the magic and the divination are two common practices of the inscrutability, and one believes that the creator of the inscrutability was the first one in knowing the characters of the gods of the ancient Egypt.

It is important to emphasize in this sense that although it is doubted about this, Hermes was dominating the interpretation of this language as nobody in the epoch, for it also, the members of the cabbala assume it like a big wise person; it is necessary to emphasize that cradle, the person in charge for initiating the cabbala as point out the experts, was a disciple and Hermes beginner. On the other hand, it is important to bear in mind that from the inscrutability there come most of the numerical investigations that are realized in the Pythagorean physics, and this branch of the inscrutability, it alludes to the unit, the ternary one and the duality. On the other hand also we say that inside the inscrutability we can be the Hábeas Hermeticum, who speaks about many educations about the theory of the cycles, so much those who correspond to the ground as to the cosmos. inscrutability - hermes

Hermes Trismegisto is considered to be the father of the knowledge, not only inside the inscrutability, but also in many other philosophical currents. It is important that we bear in mind that the work of Hermes trismegisto that gave him life to the inscrutability needs of a lot of effort on the part of the student and also a lot of attention, also it is important that the person who is studying the inscrutability has a certain predisposition to the spirituality. On the other hand and since well we mention at the beginning of this article, the inscrutability possesses an important religious current inside his beliefs, and this is due basically to the fact that according to the conception that the inscrutability has about God, it takes it like a creator and demiurgo. In the inscrutability God is the supreme good and the person in charge of the whole creation. Now then, another very common denomination inside the inscrutability is that God is the father in the aptitude to create all the things that they compose to the universe since precisely the task that a father has is that of creating, and on the other hand also one believes that exactly for this reason, God curses the men who are sterile because the same ones have not been able to imitate his work. On the other hand, according to the inscrutability the eternity is what sustains what was created; God is the eternal leader of the cosmos and his living beings and precisely the creation is the living eternity and the cosmos is the person in charge of providing the eternal life to all the beings who inhabit it.

Beginning of the inscrutability

inscrutability - imageThe philosophy of the inscrutability possesses seven principles: the beginning of the metalismo who says to us that the mind is everything, since the universe is entirely mental; the beginning of the mail, that is to say that arrives is below and below it is above; the beginning of the Vibration, everything vibrates, everything has movement and there is nothing in the universe that remains immobile; the beginning of Polarity, that according to all the inscrutability everything is double and possesses two poles. Both the fellow men and the antagonistic ones are exactly the same ones, and the opposite ones are equal for nature, since all the paradoxes possess a solution.

The beginning of the rhythm that basically us points out that everything flows and has his periods of advance and regression. One believes that every thing in the universe possesses a movement measurement both to the right and to the left and that the rhythm is the compensation; the beginning of cause and effect that is very similar to the law of the karma: any cause possesses his effect and everything happens in agreement as the law, according to the inscrutability there are many coincidence planes but there is nothing in the universe that escapes of this law; the beginning of the generation is the last one inside the philosophy of the inscrutability, which says to us that the generation exists throughout and that everything possesses a feminine beginning and the masculine one.

These he feels beginning they constitute the foundation of the philosophy of the inscrutability, and all those persons who are studious in the topic must know them, understand them and assimilate them like proper.

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