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To resort to the charm to remove the malefice

Almost all the families in his tradition have someone who knows some charm to remove the malefice, because regrettably nobody is exempt from falling down in this curse.

Basically if we have to describe the malefice we can say that the same one talks each other of a widespread discomfort that originates from the assimilation of harmful energy that is transmitted of a person towards other one; often, this transmission can be an unconscious although most of the cases owe to a voluntary transmission.

Anyhow also it can happen that the person who is transmitting this energy to us does not know completely what it is doing, and generally this energy is provoked immediately after the envy. Anyhow it is important that we bear in mind that we must not enter the paranoia state since before asking us "how to remove the malefice", first we must determine if we present the symptoms typical of this curse. So that we could have an idea of what it is a question and should know if really we must apply or realize some charm to remove the malefice we can say that some symptoms are: insomnia, repetitive nightmares, scares during the sleep, oppression in the breast, pressure in the gullet for some happened sleep, widespread nervousness, absence of energy, depression, sickness, loss of memory and lacking in concentration, vomiting appellants, and sexual lack of appetite. It is all forms important that we clarify that the fact that one or two of these symptoms should be present in our organism it does not mean that we need from urgency a charm to remove the malefice, but anyhow, if we feel that this is like that, the best thing is to consult with some healer expert in this matter since she will be able to say to us better how to remove the malefice or if really this we are affected or simply there are our ideas.

Some charm to remove the malefice

Oil and fork

charm - mal-de-ojo-imagenA charm to remove the very used malefice is that in the one that uses simply a fork, little oil a soup plate. What it is necessary to do is to put the fork opened inside the soup plate with little water and to wet the ring finger of the right hand of the person who has been affected by little oil. In the same finger approximately seven drops of the oil must be dropped more or less in the water just on where the fork is located, and while the drops fall down it is necessary to recite the following prayer: "with an eye I have looked at you and with two eyes they have seen you, but I with oil have treated you” one believes that if the oil drops stay floating then it is a sign of that the charm to remove the malefice has worked, but in case the drops go away to the fund of the plate, it is probable that the this malefice in healing process.

Coal and salt

This charm is one of the first ones that are taught usually when we ask how to remove the malefice, the same one has all the characteristics of a ritual: generally they take this charm I finish those persons who endure the malefice and the duration of this charm is more or less 21 days. The objects that will need sound, a white plate, nine pedacitos of charcoal and nine spoonfuls of thick salt. Three charcoal pieces must be placed in the white plate and next to you, three salt spoonfuls, and the plate will have to be placed under the bed, more or less at a height of the head and leave it there for one week. After this week it will have to withdraw of under the bed and to throw the carbones together with the salt in a role bag carefully of not touching absolutely anything with the hand. As soon as the noon was spent the bag must pull in some distant place at the house, preferably where water happens, it is already a channel, a river or some place that it has current. This charm to remove the malefice must be realized for three followed weeks.

It waters down with salt

charm - mal-de-ojo-elementosIn case we suspect that someone of the family is under the effect of this curse of that time the best charm to remove the malefice it is that of the water with salt. To realize it we will need a small and white sail, two fistfuls of thin salt and a bowl with water. The important of this charm to remove the malefice is that it must be done on a Friday night. Two salt fistfuls must begin in the water and stir it very well, and then in the water, to place the velita to light it and to put the bowl behind the door of the room. The same one from remaining there until the sail is consumed completely.


This is other of the charm that is used to teach how to remove the malefice, it works both with rainwater and with mineral or distilled water, but it is always good to make use of the moments in which it rains to gather a little and to store it to use it in these cases. The objects that are needed to carry out this charm to remove the malefice are, a new and clean glass, rainwater and three pieces of charcoal, the process is simple, the rainwater must be placed inside the glass and add the coal pedacitos to him then to place the glass behind the door of entry of the house and to leave it there until three disuelvan coal pieces. Then the content must throw itself, and the glass must be washed and kept. It is important that this glass does not turn to use but it is to realize again the charm to remove the malefice.

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