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Charm to gain money: Black magic?

The charm to gain money can have two different connotations; one of them is to realize with white magic, where basically the charm talks each other, more than more than one impulse of positive energy so that the resources for which we gain our money do not become exhausted.

For example, one of the charm to gain money more practised by the white magic is that where one asks the work to never be missing and in case this should be like that, other to be obtained quickly. Also this charm to gain money is realized usually for the purpose of obtaining an employment, and it is very common between the people who takes a lot of time unemployed and cannot obtain any type of work.

Bearing in mind that this charm neither is harmful, they do not interfere with the destination either, they are completely authorized. Now then, the charm to gain money, in strict sense, belongs to the black magic. Many people wonder why, if really it is not hurting to anybody, but the reality is that I damage him we are causing it to ourselves. We cannot depend on the magic to survive since this is not the correct use that must be given him. On the other hand, to realize charm to obtain proper benefits always needs of a big sacrifice, in fact, going away to an end, we can mention to the satanic agreements where the people usually sell his soul for material fortune, wealths and generally success. For this reason it is necessary that we learn that the magic must only be used when it is necessary and to influence things that really deserve it.

Some charm to gain money

I bewitch to improve the income

hehiczos-ganar-dinero-dineroCharm exists to gain money that they help us to increase the revenue that we are already perceiving; what it is necessary to do is that in an increasing moon, on a carpet a sail of golden color will be placed and in front of her a plate or saucer that possesses four spoonfuls of pure honey of bee; on the honey there must be placed a white carnation inside which little boll will hide a made role with our desire or request of economic progress. The sail must ignite every night for 7 days, starting in a Sunday and ending on the following Sunday.

I bewitch to find work

As we said previously, many people resort to the charm to gain money but to find work when they are unemployed. One of most used is that where it must to itself place in the room a vase or vase that has an odd quantity of carnations color targets. Inside this one they must put themselves the same quantity of coins (of any value) as of carnations put in the vase. When some of the carnations begins to dry off or to become faded, it will have to be replaced by the fresh one and the one that is battered must be buried in some flowerpot of our garden or balcony. This must be done in a space of time of 8 followed days, it will owe for 4 days, and will be continued by 8 more days.

I bewitch to attract money to the business (or I trade)

hehiczos-ganar-dinero-hombreSo that our emprendimiento is fine, we must put during nine nights four small water glasses with ammonia in each of the corners of the principal room of the place, and under each of these glasses it is necessary to put a currency or ticket of the value that you decide (the value will not influence the level of the success that will have his business so it is well if he wants to put some currency of low value), which will have to be renewed each of these days. The glasses must stay there the whole night and in the morning, before opening the business, it is necessary to throw a small quantity of ammonia corresponding to each of the glasses, in a bucket full of water and to use it to clean the apartment of the place. Once these nine nights and nine days of cleanliness have happened, one will proceed with this charm to gain money every Wednesday where there is full moon or the fourth crescent.

So that we never lack the material thing

Other of the charm to gain money more known by his simplicity is one that is supposed, not to allow the money to lack us stops entering to our houses. It is very easy: basically it is a question of placing in the frame of the door of entry to the hearth two crossed ears of wheat which, they will have to be sprayed by rosewater before placing it. Generally many people usually put them of the side of out, but the best thing is that the same ones place inside the house.

I bewitch to clean the business of negative energies

Perhaps this is one of the charm to gain money more elaborated, but it is one of more efficient since it eliminates all those obstacles that it does not allow us the income that we wish. What is needed is a branch of parsley and other of basil, which will have to be liquefied or be processed along with ¼ of rower's honey, 3 fistfuls of salt and a glass of rum. This must be mixed until the miscellany becomes homogeneous. As soon as the resultant one from this miscellany was obtained, it will have to separate in three equal parts, of which, one will have to spill in the drawstring of the path that is opposite to the business, another part will have to be stored in the place, and the third one will have to be well covered in an ice-cream maker or fridge, which can be in the business or our hearth in case we have no ice-cream maker there. This ritual must be realized at least for one month every Monday and Thursday of every week, and always renewing the ingredients since if they retrain, it is probable that the charm to gain money does not work.

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