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Charm to attract the love

The charm for the love, is the most popular between the persons and generally they are those who cost more money in the business of the magic.

Now then, there are many confusions about the charm for the love, because it is not defined correctly if the same ones are part of the white magic or the black magic. To be able to begin to determine this, it is important that the first thing that it is done is divivir in two the reasons for which the people come to the charm for the love; in the first instance it is common to see like a person a witch goes where so that it realizes a charm for the purpose of there finds a person with whom it could carry out a relation. In this case, and after there are no another involved people, the charm for the love does not interrupt the natural march of the events, that is to say, that does not intervene with the destination.

Now then, since it is a question of a charm to attract the person loved in order to impel an individual to find energetically for what he is looking, it might go so far as to be considered to be a part of the white magic, since it does not hurt to anybody. On the other hand that charm is for the love where a person asks that there should be granted to him the desire to support a relation with other one that is not interested; these are the most requested charm and the true thing is that they belong to the black magic since the will of a person is broken to realize something in what is not interested in addition to being break with the natural course that the events must have so much in the life of the one who requests the charm as in that of the affected one. charm - amor-fondo

One of the charm to win the love more acquaintances is the charm of mooring where a person requests that his couple does not leave it, without importing the circumstances that should it crosses; it is very common that they are realized during stages of separation where he decides some of the parts to leave other one, independently of the motive. Although these are false to win the love that they take as a purpose to retain a dear person, there are many persons who want to retain his couple but for some revenge. It is here where the charm to win the love takes a much blacker dye, since any type of magic that is realized by revenge intentions impelled by the hate and the envy cannot have positive consequences. Bearing in mind that it is possible to expect nothing good from this charm for the love, it is important that there takes conscience that is necessary to respect the course of the events of our life.

Charm for the love: Are they ethically correct?

Bearing in mind that the charm to attract the dear person is those who move more money inside the world of the magic it is practically impossible to find some person expert in the secret arts that offers to realize charm of free love, that's why many people choose to buy books, or look in Internet for some recipes of magic that could help to realize this charm for his account. The opinions with regard to this topic are divided since for some persons to realize the charm can help one himself to that the same ones have much more effect, they are already false of for attracting the dear person or of retention, since to learn how to do love charm helps us, not only to know more about these practices but also the same ones are impregnated with our energy increasing the possibilities of success in the results.

charm - amor-hechizosOn the other hand, non-knowing all the secrets of these secret arts can a very big disadvantage since it is played by very complex energies and is not good to begin in the secret practices with only a book that gives us the instructions about how doing a love charm. All ways we must say that to learn how to do a love charm is an easy task since the necessary elements are very basic; some special grasses, objects of the person to whom there wants to be thrown the charm (photos, clothes, personal articles and frequently hair, fingernails and up to blood).

There are religions inside the magic where the charm to win the love is usually prohibited, due to the dark characteristics that they possess, especially those that are thrown specially to attract the dear or wished person, but beyond all the oppositions that have this practice, the charm to win the love of love is the base of the magic, since most of the times are used only with these ends. Finally we do not want to allow insisting that the magic used to dominate the free will of the persons is not well, and it is important that we remember that when we play with energies of this type of energies we are causing him a sleep another person, and the same damage will turn us in against; for it the charm achievement to win the love is not ethical at all inside the laws of the magic and the occultism.

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