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Passion charm to re-live through the couple

It is normal that after a time in couple the passion between two persons is getting lost, it is already for the routine, weariness, boredom or simply when the love begins to eliminate the passion he accompanies it, in fact a recent study has tried to verify that the passion from one person to hard other one like much approximately 18 months, but in spite of this, and for some reason, in most of the relations she is always a person who is getting worn while other one wishes to mend everything built. Once again there appears a situation in which we can resort to the magic and to his charm of passion.

The moral quandary that represents to resort to the passion charm to manage to re-stimulate a couple stays inside the conscience of each one, but we must bear in mind that the magic that is used to force already feelings, emotions or actions are, has one I stop of black magic and hence, we must be careful on having handled it. The passion charm does not limit itself to increasing simply the desire for a person or to prevent the dear being from leaving us, in fact there exist several types of charm of passion that are used usually for different cases. Anyhow it is important to stand out the fact that the passion charm badly made can derive in obsessions sickly and even can take the person affected to turn into psychopath, something that can turn out to be very dangerous. Next we will explain some of the more well-known charm of passion.

To increase the passion

charm - pasion-imagenThis is one of the charm of passion more used inside the magic; basically what makes this one false is to achieve an increase in the lost passion of a person, but as we were saying previously, this type of charm can be dangerous if there are badly facts. The elements that need sound: 1 white sail, 1 black pencil, 1 sheet of blank paper, 1 white sheet, oil of jasmine, oil of rosemary and oil of ginger. The procedure is very simple, simply they must write to themselves in the sheet of red the finished name of the person the one that wants to be bewitched and in another sheet of white color the finished name of the one who realizes the charm; once done this the roles have to together in such a way that the names of both remain joined to coil them and to tie them with a red strip of wood. Once this paquetito is had it must interfere inside a water glass while the following conjuration recurs:“ that your mind, body, soul and spirit are close with me; that the gods illuminate you and your thoughts are all for me”.

To promote the feelings

charm - pasion-parejaThis is other of the most common examples between the passion charm, but in this case they are needed: fósforos of wood, 2 sails roses and extract or perfume of rose. Each of the sails must be bathed by the extract of the roses and once they dry off they must be burning. With a sail in every hand him it is necessary to ask the gods, of the most suitable form to know, the sails to give us the power to provoke love in another person and after this prayer the sails must join so that this way one forms between both only one it calls. This passion charm must be realized before a meeting or, of periodic form since this would provoke that the couple supports a constant interest in another person.

The sail of seven days

The ritual of the sail of seven days is one of the more well-known charm of passion, and generally it is realized when the happiness in a couple is in danger, be already because mambos they are slippery and slightly passionate or, when the routine is the causer of the rupture. It is necessary to place in a plate, the photo of the person whom we want to bewitch, and to cover this one completely with pure bees honey. Over this plate there will rest other that in turn will have placed a burning sail that can be white or celestial. The sail must burn for 7 days continued, and a small recommendation that we will do is that due to the danger that this represents in the possible thing light it inside a bathtub that has water grounds, to avoid any mishap. Once the sail has been consumed, the remains must throw themselves for a sewer and as for the plate with the photo and the honey, the same one will have to keep good stored in some place of the house. It is supposed that the results must come in a short time period, but in case of not being like that, the best thing will be to repeat the procedure.

So that there returns penitent / reformed prostitute

The most popular passion charm is undoubtedly that where a person wishes who left it to return completely regretfully, and in this case one of most used is that where in a role rectangle it is necessary to write the finished name of the person whom it is desirable to throw the charm, once done this one must burn with an iron the role and recite a prayer to the gods in which it they should be asked that the person should return and should not move away. After ending with the prayer it is necessary to take the role and to throw it in a glass full of sand and to not to withdraw it from there until the looked target has been fulfilled.

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