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What it is necessary to know about the magic charm

Along the history of the humanity, in all the cultures he has believed in the existence of remedies that serve to influence both in persons and in different events, but the destination is something that it is possible only to modify based on the decisions that we take and bearing in mind this we must know that it is necessary to have our mind trained to be able to recognize all those opportunities that appear before us.

By means of the charm of white magic a progress can be achieved in the mental capacities, reacting in a favorable way to any type of situation or person who crosses us in the way. Anyhow it is important that we consider the fact that with the magic charm one never manages to influence straight the environment the one that we move but simply they help to change our perceptions and reactions to the above mentioned environment.

If we decide pos to practise magic we must bear in mind that the magic charm is governed by a series of so called laws “Laws of similarity” and “Laws of the contagion. In the first case we must say that it is a question of a law that uses symbols that are present in all the aspects of our daily life, and the signs of transit are a very basic example of it. The charm of white magic also uses different types of symbols that unconscious or rationally we always manage to understand for example: scissors, it implies cutting with something; corazo it implies love and the drawstrings allude to a mooring.

charm - magia-templateIn case of the law of the contagion, it alludes to everything what is done by an object that him belongs to some person especially or, that has been made exclusively for this person; the dolls voodoo are a concise example. One of the most important factors that must be born in mind, is that whenever a magic charm is realized, it is necessary to give a gift to the gods who will interfere. On the other hand, it is never necessary to realize a magic charm only to know if the same one works is important to have an absolute faith of which everything will work, it is fundamental that we create in our capacities since with the faith they can manage to obtain very difficult intentions. The charm of white magic must always be carried out alone and without the possibility of interruptions existing, and the best thing is always to realize them outdoors since the contact with the nature fills us with positive energy.

Advices to realize charm of white magic

The charm of white magic needs his time, they must never be realized by hurries or with apurones and them, before beginning to do the most stated thing, it is to realize a ritual of purification, taking a shower. With regard to the clothings that must be used during it realizes with of the charm of white magic the same one must be comfortable, loose, preferably white, and always of having the free hair (in case of the women) and the barefooted feet. To never achieve a maximum intellectual capacity during the development of a charm of magic they must be realized when the body is tired, not either after discussions or fights since it is not correct to manipulate energies in anxiety, it is fundamental to be relaxed and concentrated.

charm - magia-materialWhen we propose to realize different types of charm of magic we must have an intention in skylight; it is never necessary to realize a magic ritual based on a spontaneous emotion since it is necessary to reflect about the advantages and the disadvantages that could go so far as to bring the charm of magic that we prepare to realize. It is fundamental to learn to relax the body before any ritual, and this can be achieved by means of exercises of respiration and of musculature. It is always necessary to insure itself that our visualization capacity should be in the perfect state since we remember that during the charm of white magic or any other type of magic a vision appears before us.

The same one can turn out to be harmful for our psyche for it we have always to manage to visualize those things that make us truly happy, or, must concentrate on the target that we appear with the charm. Finally, it is necessary that we rely on with all the elements that it is needed to use the charm of white magic that we prepare to realize, for this reason, if scarcely the best thing is begun by this practice it will be to be informed about all the factors that influence the charm of white magic.

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