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Typical of the freemasonry

The freemasonry is an organization which members support that the principal target of the organization is the search of the truth, in addition to encouraging the intellectual and moral development of every individual.

The Freemasons, both the women and the men usually organize themselves under different structures which possess a base that is named "a lodge" that simultaneously, they can be gathered together in only one top organization that normally is named like “the big lodge” or the “Big Priory”. The freemasonry began in Europe at the end of the XVIIth century and the modern Freemasonry has been described as a luck of moral system illustrated by symbols. The same one presents herself as an element of formation that possesses a very particular method, which allows to his members to develop the capacity of dialogue, listening and reflection so that all the values learned on the part of the freemasonry are transmitted and taught in a correct way.

Now then, we must mention that the institutional history of the freemasonry possesses several endings, and his principal causes are linked with the admission of the woman to this lodge, the questions corresponding to the beliefs of the metaphysics, the way of being employed at the lodges like also the bases on which the freemasonry bases his regularity francmasónica. freemasonry - FreemasonAlso we must emphasize the fact that the regularity of the freemasonry, it is one of the concepts most debated in his bosom, since based on the same one, the obediences corresponding to this lodge establish certain recognition in addition to a relation between them.

Now then, two currents accepted in the limes one admits that the regularity of the obedience of the freemasonry they are, on the one hand, that it possesses an origin legitimacy, this means that the constitution by which it is legislated must be protected by some organization that is regularized. Generally for these cases it is considered to be usually the big lodge of London. On the other hand, the respect towards the values and the beginning that are established in the respective documents fundacionales. These two mentioned currents have his differences in some points that possess an important relevancy, since they even affect his denominations. Two currents are very well-known, one like liberal and other one as dogmatic, nevertheless, most of the representatives of the second one, support that his position is also regular at the same time that those of the first one make sure that his current is dogmatic. Anyway we must say that it turns out to be practically impossible to establish an objective criterion about this topic, but if we can affirm that the different currents corresponding to the freemasonry are not considered by such terms like dogmatic and regular. On the other hand we must say that those lodges that do not become attached to the criteria of any of the principal currents, are usually named like "wild" lodges although they are autonamed themselves like “lodge under the celestial vault”.

Origins of the freemasonry

One of the most significant legends inside the freemasonry is that of Hiram Abif, a mythical architect who was employed at the Salomón temple in Jerusalem and person in charge for the foundation of the order francmasónica. Many of the texts that refer to the topic, they make sure that the lodge comes from a lot of time more behind since they go so far as to think how founders to such figures like Cradle, Noé, and enclosed Adam, but more realists in account to the ambience of the mythical thing, many authors have attributed the origin of the freemasonry to those who dedicated his life to the construction of the pyramids of Egypt.

freemasonry - imageAnyhow we must say that it is accepted the fact that the modern freemasonry was generated between the builders' castles unions in the Middle Ages that later evolved to speculative and intellectual communities always preserving his ancient rituals and symbols. One believes that this process, which beginning is uncertain, finished at the beginning of the XVIIth century.

With regard to the rituals that correspond to the freemasonry, we must say that the first document that obtained something of relevancy in the topic, and which there have many historians who until the today end study it exhaustively, it dates of the year 1655. Now then, with the evolution of the societies and the quantity of economic transformations that the same ones have suffered most of the lodges corresponding to the freemasonry, they stopped realizing gradually material works and devoted themselves to form fraternidades but always preserving the uses and the traditional customs of the freemasonry.

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