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Photos of real spirits

In some moment of our lives we have had the possibility of observing all kinds of photos of spirits and it is important to stand out that beyond that the same ones should be a product of urban legends and phantasmagoric histories we must bear in mind that they symbolize the most important documents as for the investigation of the paranormal phenomena studied by the parapsychology.

Although many falsified spirits photos exist, also there exist many that are real, and the most frequent question is: Of what way does one manage to take the image of a spirit?; the true thing is that it is needed neither any special device, nor the most advanced technology, simply, as we said previously, it is a question of being in the place adapted to the precise moment.

The first photos of spirits that took in the history, were in fact pure coincidences since in this epoch to achieve a good photo, it was needed that the photographed person spends several minutes in the same position; the oldest cameras usually demanded this, because if something was happening for opposite the lens, it should be what is, the final photo would go out with a species of blurry silhouette. Anyhow, in spite of few credibility that the spirits photos had in that epoch, it was William Mumler, an engraver of Jewels who was working in Boston and who in his free moments was devoting himself to the photo who awarded the first real photo of a spirit. you photograph - espiritus-bosque

Mumler tells that one day, while it realized the developing processes in his well-known laboratory that in one of the photos there was going out the image of a young woman who was stopped just next to you; analyzing closely and thoroughly this figure, I come to the conclusion that this woman was a cousin of his who had died about some years and remembered that before the same one was photographed, he felt a strange sensation as of an uncontrollable quake in his arm. This photo, considered officially the first spirits picture was taken in the year 1862. The proprietor of the jewelry shop where Mumler works proposed to him to create inside the jewelry shop a species of photographic sample with all the photos of spirits that could be obtained. The spirits photos began to be roundly successful after the civil war of the United States, when the relatives of the fallen victims, were looking for a connection way with his dear beings. Bearing this in mind, Mumler committed the error of beginning to make a profit with it, receiving approximately 10 dollars for each of the photos of spirits (in this epoch the pictures and portraits were costing scarcely a few cents) and began forging most of the photos that were selling. The year 1869 Mumler was accused of fraud and in spite of not having being found guilty, the costs for his defense did that it was failing and although it tried to return to the photo, the business could never recapture the success that it had in some moment. In the year 1884 Mumler committed suicide after breaking and burning all his negatives.

Why do the spirits allow to be photographed?

Bearing in mind that the spirits photos are not anything common of taking, many the people wonder why they go out in someone and in others not. There are many theories that argue the reasons by which the spirits allow to be photographed, and although someone sound much more logical than others, they all are cost since we are speaking about a phenomenon that could never be verified científicamente. The spirits photos are usually a consequence of an attempt of communication of the person died with his relatives, it is for it that it turns out to be very common to listen to persons' testimonies that they assure that his relatives who are already dead, go out in the photos taken during familiar meetings or special events.

you photograph - espiritus-cementerioOne believes that the spirit does not want to become alienated from his environment, or simply it needs of the help of some relative to become alienated from our plane. But: Why often do we go out in photos of spirits that have not anything in common with us?, the answer to this can be or very simple or very complex: in the first case, it is probable that some of the persons who goes out in the photo has a certain perception capacity with regard to the spirits and what looks for the soul of the deceased is that this person helps it during his transition after the death; now well, the complicated part is when the spirit is malignant and possesses some negative intention towards some of the persons who go out in the photo.

In this case it is necessary to be very careful, since we do not possess the aptitude to distinguish between the good spirits and the villains, and the spirits photos do not help very much with it. The only thing that we can say to him is that if the spirit that goes out photographed possesses some tone of dark color, or, an aura that surrounds it, the most probable thing is that it is a question of a spirit that has stuck us and there has some malignant intention that can go from the revenge (independently of that we have not had anything in common with the person in life) or, the possession.

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