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Classification of the paranormal phenomena

The paranormal thing there is all that that does not have a scientific explanation since the paranormal phenomena break the laws of the fundamental beginning in which there manages to be verified that one that is natural.

Now then, the paranormal phenomena can split into two groups, one of them is that of the Psi-Cognitive phenomena that allude to the clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition and telekinesis, and the second group there are the Psi-Kinetic phenomena, which are represented by the psychokinesis. The characteristics with which they fulfill the paranormal events have a lot to do with that the information that surrounds them is supernatural, what it implies that it must not be a phenomenon that is explained by means of the normal perception of a person.

Another characteristic that it defines to this group of paranormal phenomena is that in that one events where spirits or bogeys are involved, the same ones must be made verifiable of the deceased persons and hence, they must be representative of his individual identity. phenomena - paranormales-fotoMany people descree about the existence of the paranormal events because there are many that are easy to forge, such are the case of the photos of bogeys, the psicofonias, the videos and even the spiritualistic meetings where paranormal phenomena have occurred, there are usually simple tricks for the purpose of defrauding and cheating the people. But anyhow it would be good that we all leave a doubt margin for it, since as well as the cases of swindle are great, also there are many testimonies that are real and in fact they suffer every day from quite frightening situations for poltergeist phenomena or appearances of spirits.

The UFOs also enter inside the group of the paranormal thing. In this case we must say that some indications exist about his existence, although anyhow, the same ones would not demonstrate the nature of his origin; the ovnis can be received by radars, in photo and videos, especially when these are infrared and in those situations in which there is detected some type of magnetic (engraved) perturbation and gravimetrica. On the other hand, one believes that when there takes place some widespread flaw of electronic devices or inexplicable interferences in the mass media, it is usually because an UFO is flying over the area.

Investigation of the paranormal events

As well we said, the definition of the paranormal thing limits itself to the facts that do not have a scientific explanation, for it the parapsychology has devoted itself entirely to the search of concrete tests that they explain and verify the reality of the paranormal phenomena. It is probable that many parapsicólogos have focused a little more in the investigation of those psi-cognitive paranormal phenomena, since they turn out to be much more interesting and also they are easier to explain and to verify, in case of the psi-kinetic phenomena, they need of a much deeper investigation since they seem no to have one base apparent. The study of the paranormal thing generally collides with the difficulty that represents the scientific study of the same one since no scientific community in the world accepts to the paranormal phenomena how real events for it it is so difficult to be able to study them with entire freedom.

phenomena - paranormales-cementeriosOn the other hand, the only contribution that has received the parapsychology was on behalf of the psychology, which has been basically the conception of the conscience not alone like a product originated from our brain, but also like event that it exists in a way transmaterial, that is to say, that breaks the limits of the space and time.

For his part, those paranormal phenomena that have that they possess mystical or spiritualistic characteristics can go so far as to take place so that there is carried out a study as a new model of human psyche that there defy the parameters established by the conventional science. For his part the scientists demonstrate a quite skeptical attitude whenever the paranormal thing is mentioned or one informs them about the happened paranormal events, as they say, the same ones do not exist and the principal criticism that they have received centers on the methodology of investigation that proposes the parapsychology. Anyway, according to the skeptics, there exists a possibility of considering to the paranormal phenomena inside one of the fields of the science serious which one the psychology, individual and social, like real events, but if there might be considered to be a study in the development of the beliefs of the human being and in the capacity of perception.

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