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Description of the phenomenon poltergeist

Poltergeist is a word that derives from the German Poltern (to do noise) and of Geist (spirit) and basically the phenomenon poltergeist in the ambience of the parapsychology talks each other of declarations across noises and movements of objects that it possesses two explanations: telekinesis involuntary, or spirits appearance; both theories are cost.

Now then, if we have to give a description of what is a phenomenon poltergeist, we can say that the histories and the testimonies center typically on the beats, the blows, the sounds, steps and even objects movements and sacudones in beds, chairs, or armchairs without apparent reason and without any type of origin, although basically to give a definition easy to understand, we will say that the phenomenon poltergeist they happen in the called haunted houses.

Since well we have said there exist diverse theories that they explain to the phenomenon poltergeist and to the others of the mentioned ones previously, the parapsychology also analyzes the hypothesis of which the phenomenon poltergeist can be generated about a person who is named “a focus“, and which usually it are young that cross the puberty. It is said that this phenomenon is the declaration towards the exterior of some psychological trauma and believes that it is evident for the powerlessness of being able to express some malignant feeling or of anger.

phenomenon - poltergeist-livingOn the other hand also one believes that the phenomenon poltergeist is generated when a person dies in the middle of a very big hate feeling and bearing in mind that the pertinent investigations have come to the conclusion that the bogeys are simply impressions of the soul, it is said that when there is a feeling an extremely strong emotion, the soul captures this feeling in the ambience. Nevertheless some cases of phenomena poltergeist are described as capable of taking not only a form but also a personality, something that undoubtedly suggests us the existence of some type of conscience and intention. On the other hand also there exists a scientific theory that tries to explain the origin and the causes of the phenomenon poltergeist, and the explanation is the static electricity, the electromagnetic fields and the ionized air, and even enclosed in his investigations they quote to the frauds.

Phenomenon poltergeist: the diversion of the spirits

The phenomenon poltergeist is considered to be popularly a curse, but many persons consider them to be a divertimento of the spirits that they inhabit in some house. Now then, this diversion can have different types of connotations because often, the intentions of these bogeys are usually to throw the persons who live in the hearth to be able to remain with the property. In these cases, we can say that the diversion of the bogeys is precisely to provoke the phenomenon poltergeist with the intention of scaring the persons who attend it. Often, these declarations usually become slightly violent, and this way they end up damaging the persons psychologically; on the other hand, although it is difficult that a bogey hurts physically a person by means of a phenomenon poltergeist there have been known cases where many persons have gone out struck after an attack like that.

phenomenon - poltergeist-mujerThe spirits that are evident in phenomena poltergeist violent usually amuse themselves with what they do, in spite of being act on an impulse of anger and nastiness, that's why one believes that the same ones enjoy doing these things. Also the phenomenon exists poltergeist inoffensively, where the bogeys simply amuse themselves changing the place things, messing up, in fact, in many videos that have registered phenomena poltergeist and have been analyzed by professionals, it is possible to observe how the clothes fly from the drawers to the apartment, or since the tools move alone in the table changing of place.

Also it is common that they change the place things, for example, if one night we are going to fall asleep and leave the shoes along with the bed, it is probable that on the following day we find them in the kitchen or in the living of the house. To see books and all kinds of objects flying, windows and doors being opened and closing, there are the typical characteristics of the phenomenon poltergeist, and precisely this is the factor that scares so much the people, non-finding an explanation to the paranormal activity in its own house them can go so far as to go crazy. Finally we do not want to allow mentioning that a recent study that has been done on different cases of phenomena Poltergeist came to the conclusion that 68 % of the analyzed cases, consists of movements of small objects; 58 % of the times, usually intensifies this activity in the night; in 48 % of the cases, there were objects struck violently and even broken, 24 % of the cases, the phenomenon poltergeist lasted more than one year until the house was bendecida; and in 16 % of the cases the communication existed between the spirits and the agents.

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