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Why do we usually see bogeys?

The bogeys represent a fundamental part of the folklore of many cultures where the spiritualism is a thing of every day; although the bogeys are spirits, it turns out to be important to differentiate both terms since while the spirits are those that are evident after being invoked, the bogeys simply do it principally because they want to be noticed, already it is for needing the help of some living being to become alienated from the place in which they are given, or, simply because this way they wish it.

The bogeys appearances do not limit themselves only that the same ones are seen by the alive ones, but there exist several ways in which of manifiestan: moving objects, doing noises, dismissing different types of smells (generally when one treats the smells as a "friendly" bogey they are agreeable, while if it is a bogey which intentions are not good at all, it is possible that one smells something like sulfur or rotten eggs), although we must stand out the fact that, according to the studies parapsicológicos. It seems that the form of favorite declaration of the bogeys is provoking phenomena Poltergeist (haunted houses).

This is due to the fact that mostly, the bogeys want to keep on living in this plane, becoming attached to the places that they believe they they belong, that's why it is very common to listen to histories about haunted houses, of how many tenants must leave the properties that they rent and especially of the difficult thing that proves for many real estate to sell some property in which someone died or was murdered. bogeys - forestsNow then, we must stand out the fact that the belief about the existence of the bogeys has his origin in firstly Egyptian texts and Sumerian who were written, and at present, one of the theories to which it becomes attached the religion is that this belief derives from the tendency to the primitive thought that considers that the world of the sleep interferes with the real life.

The belief in the Occident is that the bogeys are basically souls in sorrow that do not manage to conceive a rest in peace after his life as mortal it finished already is for having left loose ends or for not wanting to assume the death of his physical body, and for this reason they remain given or caught in this world and on the other hand, the bogeys declaration is usually associated with a fear sensation. This is due principally to the fact that there exist million books, movies, novels and even shows of television in which there are counted histories that turn out to be really frightening, and thanks to it, the collective consiente to created a phobia species to all the phenomena and events that do not have a scientific explanation.

Communication with the bogeys

As the man has been evolving and together with him the belief in the existence of the real bogeys, the same one to developed different methods to be able to obtain concise tests to manage to base the above mentioned belief. bogeys - housesThe videos of bogeys and the photos for example, there are two of the most common forms for which one tries to prove this and although well it is a way very easy to manipulate, exist hundreds of videos of real bogeys that can state those perceptible declarations for the lens like the sounds, and of course the phenomena poltergeist.

Often one has managed to receive bogeys images in places related to the death like the cemeteries, hospitals and morgues; enclosed it is very common to observe (any time this perception is had) bogeys of historical famous persons strolling for the places where they did history and in those more representators like pantheons, vaults, monuments and places of cult. In spite of the efficacy of these methods, the existence of these entities is usually put in doubt cloth because exactly, each and everyone of these methods are falsificables; any person with sense of the organization and with the collaboration of someone more can mount an excellent video that shows paranormal activity in some closed place, and on the other hand, the numerous functions with which the computer programs are provided for the photos edition also result from big help to do that a bogey appears in the place that occurs to him, and although all these documents have been analyzed by experts in the parapsychology, nevertheless, for the scientific community and for many persons, the bogeys and spirits are a product of our imagination impelled by the autosuggestion feeling.

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