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Types of real bogeys

When we observe a photo or see some video, of course it will turn out to be quite difficult to believe that we are opposite to real bogeys, since as well we have mentioned, the photos and the videos, being the only tangible tests of the existence of the bogeys, it are average that can be manipulated to the taste of any person to us, that's why we always have the tendency to believe in the real bogeys only when we are we ourselves who happen for the experience.

On the other hand also we have the theory of the projection of conscience, which says to us that with the suggestion we are capable of projecting images and sounds that we have in our mind to the reality; this means that if, for example, we see a terror movie and are scared so much that we remain sugestionados, the most probable thing is that in the night, in the silence of the darkness we begin to listen to noises, sounds and even up to seeing shades, and he will be able to lead us to believing that we are front the attack of real bogeys, when this in fact is not like that. In fact, there are many students in the topic who are investigating thoroughly the different reasons for which we are thinking about seeing or being along with real bogeys, separating these in different types. For example, one of the types of real bogeys that we are thinking about seeing talks each other of persons who are still alive but who are seen in not specific places, and in this case it is a question of a simple projection of not materialized conscience, especially created by the astral travelers, who often create these situations involuntarily.

bogeys - rales-fantasmaThe second type of real bogeys talks each other of appearances reiterative and concentrated on certain place, basically there are stereotypes identical to what there would be the slides, that is to say, immaterial and bío-holográficos, and generally this type of cases is related to violence situations. The third type of real bogeys which we can face is precisely to the authentic bogey, where his environment most of the times turn out to be cloudy although they can acquire a realism so that they become confused with living persons.

Precisely there are these the only real bogeys that can be photographed since other types that we have mentioned, simply are a product of our concrete or astral mind. The last type of real bogeys is related straight to the disagreements, where a dimensional reality would be mixed. There are those who say that there exists a conscience capable of surviving the same death and basically it is what raises this theory. The presence of these real bogeys is usually generated from abrupt falls in the temperature and this does that often the presence of these real bogeys they could go so far as to freeze some room; basically this is due to the fact that the real bogeys to materialize need of energy, and precisely it is the energy of the ambience, and often ours also (that's why often we feel cold, or the goose-flesh puts itself us when we are close to one) it belongs to the one that is nourished to be able to appear. Bearing all this in mind, most of the students in this topic, they have developed different devices to detect the presence of real bogeys; for example, there exist censors who measure the temperature of an ambience, and even devices that measure the magnetic fields.


If we analyze the above mentioned in the previous paragraph, we can say that the real bogeys exist and we all are capable of seeing them, but also we must bear in mind all the definitions and types of real bogeys that exist. bogeys - rales-cementerioComing to a conclusion we can say that the real bogeys do not talk each other simply of the appearances of deceased persons, or souls in sorrow that stroll for our dimension, but rather, the real bogeys are also a product of proper projections and of other persons, there are a product of our own mind, and logically on having been something that we create, be already conciente or unconsciously, we all have the aptitude to control these appearances. Now then, if we are opposite to the appearance of real bogeys of deceased, or with those related to the disagreements, then we must say that the only ones are two cases where what we know as a bogey, really becomes present in front of us. Finally, we want to point out why the real bogeys cannot remain a considerable time at sight, and that is precisely therefore we were explaining previously; to be able to be evident physically, the real bogeys need of a certain quantity of energy that most of the times do not go so far as to accumulate, for it the fact is that when we see them simply it is in a few seconds.

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