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The most popular famous persons bogeys

It is common to listen to histories about bogeys that appear by our house or that we see walking along the routes, the cemeteries or the hospitals; generally this phenomenon happens when the spirit of the deceased person remains beaten in our dimension and he tries to communicate with the alive ones; the same rule is applied by the famous persons bogeys, although generally the motives for which do contact are different.

The histories of ancient historical figures, and not so much, that are evident in certain places are infinite, and what believes the parapsychology is that in this case, the famous persons bogeys appear between the people (it is very common that they are evident in multitudes or even when someone alludes to them be already in a chat or reading a book, studying art or listening to music) because, on having been popular figures, the bogey usually supports this popularity sensation provoked by his reputation, it is for it for that his followers, students or fanatics allow to meet between. This is the reason by which they remain caught in this dimension and cannot continue with his normal transition, since precisely the popularity makes them develop a certain material fidelity towards all his possessions, and as well we know, the material fidelity is one of the first causes by which the bogeys remain caught with us. On the other hand, many famous persons bogeys deny or do not know that they have already died and try to do contact before the desperation of which nobody already pays to them the attention to which they were used; generally when they discover that there are only souls in sorrow, they usually become attached much more to the material plane. Next we will mention some famous bogeys that have been evident in different parts of the world.

William Shakespeare

bogeys - famosos-personajesIn the year 1940, one began to realize a series of spiritualistic meetings in order to contact with the bogey of the novelist and to be able to settle the controversy that I generate immediately after the rumor of which Shakespeare was not in fact the writer of his novels. In this meeting they had the possibility of contacting with the bogey and the same one it allowed, by means of the mobile pencil, that he was not the author of his novels, although the psychic who was informing the meeting perceived the anger of the bogey on having asked him about this.

According to the information that it was possible to gather after this meeting, Shakespeare was simply the scenic director who had given his name to the count of Oxford so that the same one could publish his novels. As it was advancing the meeting, these two famous persons bogeys allowed to be seen for a few seconds, what the psychic could not be received by a camera that they had prepared in case this happens, but so that the veracity of this contact is verified, he asked the count to dictate three new sonnets. The same ones were published and his corroborated authenticity. In spite of it, doubts still keep on existing about this event.

Ann Bolena

This is one of the histories of appearances of bogeys of more popular famous persons in England in the winter 1864 a guard of the tower of London was accused for remaining slept in his shift and submitted to a judgment. The same one reported that it came across with a species of white bogey and when one brought over him with the crossbow to verify who was realized that the figure had no head and before an action reflex tried to cross it with his crossbow; the guard received an electrical discharge and remained unconscious. Logically the court did not believe the history until other guards confessed to have seen the same figure in the window of the castle that would correspond to the room where Ann Bolena happened his last night before being decapitated and buried under the tower, after these testimonies, the court decided to make the guard free. It is said that the last time that the bogey was seen was in the year 1933.

Catherine Howard

Catherine Howard was one of the wives of Enrique VIII that adultery accused was shut up until the king was deciding that to do with her. One morning while the same one was in mass, to the young woman it managed to escape and to run towards the church with the target to ask the King for piety. The guards arrested it and took it again to the room to shut it up again. 13 was decapitated d in February, 1542. It is said that the Hampton castle is the ancient property where more paranormal activity exists, and for this reason it is very common to see strolling bogeys of famous persons of the epoch over there. This is the case of the bogey of Catherin Howard that was filmed by one of the safety cameras, and although this video moved England, his veracity is doubted due to the clearness of the image since the supposed bogey does not appear like a spirit but rather like a human figure wrapped in a layer and with the face covered by the same one. Anyhow this supposed appearance of Catherin Howard keeps on being one of the most controversial and studied in the parapsychology.

Elvis Presley

bogeys - famosos-elvisIn the year 1987 a fanatic of Elvis Presley, traveled up to Memphis to visit the house and the grave of the idol died in the year 1977 of a heart attack. Many were the photos taken in the place, in fact, in his history, the fanatic tells that approximately 5 armed álbumes that were containing photos of the grave, the house, and the places that Elvis was frequenting while he was alive. In the year ’97 it began to check the photos to remember his visit to the altar that they constructed in honor the singer, and after studying them thoroughly observed a figure sat in the favorite chair of Elvis.

Based on this he wrote a letter to the photographic laboratory and of the same one they sent the reply saying that neither the photo nor the negative was presenting some alteration, what it takes to the conclusion that the photo is real. If an enlargement is done on the figure, it is possible to observe with clarity the unmistakable silhouette of the singer and although the credibility of this history is put in doubts, it represents one of the appearances of bogeys of more popular famous persons, since it provoked that the persons' quantity that usually visits the sanctum of the singer grows greatly. Up to today any other photo neither has been seen there nor has been brought another declaration of the spirit of Elvis.

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