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Exorcism: cleanliness and purification

An exorcism is a ritual by means of which there is tried the expulsion of an entity which has taken possession of the body of some person.

On the other hand we can say that an exorcism in the cleanliness and purification of the negative energies that live in some physical place, and although most of the times talk each other of possessions for malignant spirits, also there are cases in which it was necessary to carry out a ritual of exorcism on a person possessed by spirits of deceased that although they did not have any intention of realizing the possession, in his desperation of not understanding his death did it. As well we have said, the cleanliness and purification of a house, a commerce or some physical place; also it is considered to be a ritual of exorcism, since there are abundant the cases that exist in the world of entities that get into the houses of the people for the purpose of taking possession of the property. The ritual of exorcism has not a specific origin although one believes that the first one in realizing it was the very same Jesus, from there the church and the Christianity adopted a ritual that is carried out whenever the case deserves it.

exorcism - priestThere are several histories about different cases of exorcism that thanks to the popular gossip acquaintances did to themselves in the peoples, cities, countries, began to spread about the world, to such a point that many of them have immortalized in cinematographic movies. Although at the beginning of our epoch, the exorcism was doubted and one believed that the whole practice was only a trick of the Catholicism for the purpose of attracting attention, we must say that thanks to the technological progress, with running of the years they could be recorded in audio and even film in video different rituals of exorcism practised on persons who were possessed.

Without going further, Internet is infested with videos and even documentaries, journalistic formless articles have been realized and of investigation about the veracity of the same ones, since in spite of everything, a video or a recording can be manipulated perfectly. Then: How do we know when an exorcism is real and not a staging? The most logical answer to this question would be to attend an exorcism in living and live, but each one is free to believe what sits. The most current cases of exorcism are usually related more to the expulsion spirits that with that of demons, since the above mentioned are usually very few, but it is important to say that although the damage is minor when it is a question of a spirit (any time the same one does not have intentions of damaging to the person) the consequences that the victim can suffer at psychic level they can be very serious, for it the ritual of exorcism is fundamental.

Ritual of exorcism

The ritual that is realized in the cases of exorcism is always informed by a priest, the minister or shepherd who will be provided with the help of at least three assistants who could support the victim (if the possession is very strong, the exorcism can become somewhat violent and it is always better to have subject to the victim to avoid tragedies), and the fundamental hardware that the exorcists usually use is a crossings, holy water and the Bible. There exists a called book “the Roman ritual of exorcism” which accompanies each of the priests in charge of realizing the ritual, and there not only there is reported the form in which the ritual must be carried out, but also, he has written many phrases and prayers that must be recited as the ritual is developing. It is important to bear in mind two factors that have marked an enormous difference between the cases of catholic exorcism and of other religions.

exorcism - photoGenerally in the latter case, when he is informed a shepherd, reverend or the minister about the case of possession, the same one usually a short study about this one and proceed realize with the exorcism if it is that he thinks that the person needs it, now well, the catholic cases of exorcism are another history. So that a priest could carry out the ritual, first debit to study the case during a considerable time up to obtaining some concise proof that really it is a question of a possession, and when it does it, it must order a report to the Vatican.

Once there, they study the above mentioned report and send some correspondent to whom it verifies the situation, and from what the same one explains, the Vatican decides if really it is worth while realizing the exorcism; most of the times the answer is usually a denial, and the relatives must resort to another gathering that could help them. Finally we want to mention two things that the people always wonder about the rituals of exorcism; the duration of the same ones is uncertain since it will depend on the force that has the entity that has taken the body; there are cases of exorcism that have lasted 10 minutes and others that have lasted up to 6 years, and on the other hand, also there exists a controversy about which if the victim can die during the ritual. The true thing is that there exists a high risk that this happens, although most of the times the ritual is finished successfully. The life of the victim will depend on the force that both parts have, we remember that the ritual of the exor