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Do the spirits exist?

The spirits are not corporeal entities that usually appear in most of the religions, and in many parts of the world one believes that the spirits not only possess the aptitude to communicate with the persons, but also they can go so far as to possess them.

In a historical frame to the spirits there has assumed to him a series of powers that they can exercise against the nature or the man, and one believes also that the above mentioned powers are tied straight to his creation intention. The word “Spirit“ has his origin in the Latin Spiritus, which means “breath“ and because the breath is used like synonymous of life, this word allows to make out that the soul keeps on living still after being separated from the physical body, which lies died, because it possesses the breath that metaphorically it indicates us that the soul is still alive.

Now then, if we take this word from a religious and cultural point of view of that time we can say that the spirits do not limit themselves only to the souls that stroll around for our dimension, but many other entities are considered to be spirits; such is the case of the bogeys, the demons, and up to even the poltergeists, nymphs, elves and most of the elementary beings. spirits - morguesOn the other hand, in the western theology, a very clear example of what the spirits mean for this religious current is that of the holy spirit, who is part of the divine Trinity; on the other hand in ancient cultures as the Egyptian and the Greek and the Roman, the spirits were living in the same plane as the gods but his hierarchic power was much minor. Without a doubt that there are great the beliefs and definitions that we can give him to the spirits, but probably, when we think about the spirits the first thing that comes to our mind there are the paranormal phenomena.

In the contemporary cultures the spirits appearances usually link straight with the autosuggestion provoked by a strong sensation of fear, but many branches of the studies parapsicológicos keep on trying to demonstrate that the spirits are much more than a simple product of our imagination. On the other hand, many religions like the Christianity, the Buddhism, the Hinduism, the Islam between many others, also dedicate part of his studies to discovering of what this paranormal phenomenon talks each other, but it is important to emphasize that each of her does it using different methods based on different beliefs.

To contact spirits

For his part, most of the beliefs that they characterize to the new age, try to rationalize the traditional beliefs support that the spirits are products of heaps of negative energy, or simply it is a question of images holográmicas of persons who have died but they have left the ambience saturated with his image and actions. Bearing in mind the quantity of doubts that appear based on the existence of the spirits, scientists and students in the topic have developed different methods to be able to achieve some contact with them, such is the case of the photos of spirits, although we must clarify that often the appearance of a spirit in a photographic image does not depend too much of the device, it is something that simply can happen if one is in the just moment.

spirits - forestsAnother very common method to contact the spirits there are the games like the ouija or such a famous “game of the glass”, where a group of persons tries to contact to one or several spirits in order to formulate questions to the best style of an oracle, but it is important that we bear in mind that when it tries to be contacted to further away like diversion or entertainment, the ambience is very vulnerable to the appearance of malignant spirits, and the consequences for it it can be really serious if the necessary preparation is not had to fight with it. Another way much used to establish I contact with spirits it is that of the recordings of audio and of video.

Probably these are the most concise methods to find some type of tests of his existence, but bearing in mind that all these are half manipulables, it is never possible to be completely sure of when real tests appear and when there are simple falsifications. Many students assure that every day of our life, in every activity that we realize, while we sleep, eat, work or even walk, are surrounded with spirits, and they make sure that we must begin to learn to live together with them, since every time it is more frequent to attend such different phenomena like the poltergeist, possessions or even, it has happened to more than one person to be calm looking at television or sat in the garden of his house, and there has crossed in the way some shade or silhouette that turns out to be difficult to explain. The most important thing that we must consider in any case, is that there are good and bad spirits, some of them have the intention of bothering and even even to begin of our own house, but also many others simply look for a help to be able to continue his transition, for it it is important to find out correctly about the spirits in case we should turn out to be wrapped in some paranormal phenomenon.

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