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Declarations of malignant spirits

The malignant spirits are those spiritual entities which purpose is that of destroying or obstructing the God's works using the human being as a tool in his work, because this is the weakest being and for consequence the easiest to corrupt. One believes that the malignant spirits come from the abysses of the hell and it is mixed in our dimension in the shape of shades queriendo to suck the vital energy not only of the persons but also of the world. Basically when the malignant spirits work on the persons to suck his vital energy, they do it playing with the pride it humanizes.

That is to say that make them believe that each one is the most important of all the human beings, exactly taking them towards the pride, then to the conceit, until they achieve that the human beings are considered superior to the others. There it is when it begins with the hindering with regard to the relations with other persons to whom they do to believe exactly the same and from there, the malignant spirits achieve that there comes untied between the human beings a fight of pride and supremacy, achieving that some are destroyed to others. spirits - malignos-nightmareNow then, many human beings have the necessary fortitude to be able to resist this and, for this reason, when the malignant spirits do not achieve his assignment they slip in in the bodies of the persons coming up to his energy centers, in order to consume the biggest quantity of energy that they could. The animals also are victims of the malignant spirits, and in this case, when they possess to the animals, the same ones they become furious and his character is modified abruptamente. On the other hand it is important to bear in mind that the malignant spirits usually attack in group, of to three or more, and frequently if the declarations become very violent, the consequences that this might go so far as to bring in a current human being there is the mental imbalance, the car mutilation and up to the death.

Malignant spirits that they inhabit in the shades

The malignant spirits, mostly they usually move between the shades of our dimension, it is for it that generally the forms that assume to them are those of black silhouettes that move in the darkness; they walk throughout, even, those persons who have an extrasensory sense the sufficiently developed can see them in the street, between the trees, and even in public places mixed between the people. Generally the malignant spirits that inhabit the shades crawl for the apartment and many others can go so far as to fly off although in general the open sky does not attract them too much, since one believes that, on having had direct contact with the light of the sun, they lose big part of his power. In general, the malignant spirits always walk behind certain persons or places which, for some reason, particularly for the intensity of energy concentrated on them, which they try to possess.

spirits - malignos-espirituUsually, the malignant spirits of the shades are not too much big, but in spite of his tiny size they are the most dangerous and it is important to bear in mind that rarely they are evident alone; as well we said previously, the malignant spirits usually attack in flock that joins forming a luck of dark "mass". The form in which the above mentioned "mass" is represented is very similar to many of the dark clouds that usually flash before a thunderstorm, and frequently they are they themselves who say to be almost an army, calling to if the same legions, but as say the students in this area of the occultism, the malignant spirits are not so many people; of course, they are different but they are very far of being legions.

On the other hand it is interesting to emphasize the fact that the malignant spirits are evident usually between these shades that we can observe in certain places like the godforsaken buildings, sheds, sheds and especially those properties that have suffered fires or are in the very bad state. The malignant spirits are very sensitive to the light and especially to the smoke, really for this reason to light incense or, some aromatic smoke this represents a very dangerous weapon used in his against, since the smoke comes to each of the corners and forces them to rise leading them even out of the place in which they live. The reason by which they must be taken outside is because in view of the sun they remain annihilated, although as well we have said, in many cases also this does that they lose his forces. This type of malignant spirit has conscience and knows perfectly what it does, and it is very common that it happens in this dimension that I did not manage to fulfill his assignments since his gesticulating turns out to be completely limited by other spirits that being Superiors, they keep the humanity, as the Angels and archangels do it. Also at present, the fact that the beliefs in the existence of the malignant spirits it has expanded as it did it, it provoked that many people learn the methods of beginning to this type of local malignant spirits where his presence must not be.

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