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Esoterism definition

The esoterism is a term that is usually used to make to speak about a series of technical education, doctrines and traditions, about a philosophical current, and generally it is a question of secret knowledge that are transmitted only between a minority that it is named "initiated", who are met popularly like the laymen. Specially, when we speak about esoterism we are not recounting to all those doctrines that they need a beginning so that the same one could be studied by entire depth and dedication, since although there exist infinities of books of esoterism that could help a person to know more about this doctrine, the same one needs an oficialización.

In the ancient epoch many schools were teaching some other ocultistas doctrines and secret knowledge only to those persons who were initiated in the esoterism, together with those that were accessible for all, and in many cultures to have this class of secret knowledge was hard custiodado for priestly castes and a lot of knowledge that today are common inside the esoterism, in this epoch they were representing a restricted patrimony. esoterism - womanIn Greece, the esoterism was one of the most ancient educations and it was taught both in schools and in public places, although there was a strong denial to which this type of knowledge was given outdoors and to any person. On the other hand we can say that it is known that the Pitágoras disciples split between the esoteric ones and the exotéricos, and the above mentioned simply were suction to the esoterism while the esoteric ones had already spent his beginning phase.

In case of Aristotle and Platón the characteristics for which the esoterism and the exoterismo was standing out only were applied to the corresponding doctrines; in fact, many historians make sure that there would have been a double philosophy in Platón with regard the esoterism educations: on the one hand a doctrine that is much more accessible for all, exhibited in his dialogues, and other one that is slightly more technical and only reserved to the initiated ones. Aristotle for his part divides all his works in exotéricas and esoteric, and the students in the topic make sure that this distinction was based neither on the questions nor on the solutions, simply on the procedures of exhibition and his form.

Now then, it is important that we emphasize that in all those works exotéricas only they explain those clearer arguments while for the esoteric ones there are the darkest and most decisive. The esoterism has certain characteristics that make it distinctive between other doctrines ocultistas; for example, one of them is that the esoterism possesses the discipline of the arcane one, that it is a question of a knowledge secret or restricted to certain societies, communities and groups who must swear during his beginning not to spread that knowledge that will be given him. The transmission alludes to the way in which the knowledge is passing from to the teacher to the disciple, generally for oral tradition, since the knowledge must imply validity and legitimacy. The mail is different of the fundamental characteristics of the esoterism and it indicates that all the elements that they compose to the universe are joined between themselves, be already for real or symbolic ties, and in the second case, because they are not clear, they need to be deciphered.

The esoterism at present

At the end of the XIXth century an increase has taken place in the interest in the esoterism and the secret societies who give his knowledge and all the esoteric traditions that have been practised for ages and that have converted to the esoterism into what is today: a typical element in the culture of many societies. esoterism - templateSo that this could be understood a little more we can say that the tarot, the geomancia, the magic and even the astrology there are the most common examples that are part of most of the cultures in the world, and at the same time they are part of the knowledge that been given usually in the ancient esoterism. Anyhow it is important to bear in mind that at present these practices are usually given by chatterboxes who not at all have to do with the esoterism and his knowledge, and nevertheless great of them they are proprietors of shops of esoterism and have joined to the western everyday life. On the other hand it is important to stand out the fact that mention most of the elements to you they are usually to superstitions and applied hard tied with intentions very different from the originals, as for example, the conservation of the love, the money and the health. Also we can say that several esoteric currents exist, spiritual currents that can be named inside the esoterism due to his characteristics; someone are The ofismo, the inscrutability, the teosofía, the pitagorismo and the inscrutability, the same ones are of western origin, while those who are of oriental origin are: the cabbala, the yoga, the Vajirayana, the sufismo and the tantra.

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