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Ectoplasm definition

To answer to the question: "What is ectoplasm?" we say that is a subtle material that is in the body of any person and usually assumes both the liquid and solid states with his respective properties.

Generally this substance flows across the orifices of the body having a luminous appearance. The ectoplasm is one of the principal characteristics that they possess the psychic psychic when they are informing a spiritualistic meeting. When there produces the declaration of the ectoplasm to itself in the body of a psychic the temperature of the ambience where it is evident you usually go down abruptamente, in addition to presenting before itself with a very typical smell.

Now then, another recognized definition is that of Charles Richet, who makes sure that the ectoplasm is a fluid etérico semimaterially that it usually flows of the psychic once these are in the situation state and the composition analyzed in different scientific laboratories has demonstrated that the structure of the ectoplasm is very similar to the albumin since in they have woven proteinic, leukocytes, fats, cartilaginous textile, phosphate and cells that are in formation. ectoplasm - photoOne believes that his structure turns out to be affected to the contact with the light, since this one provokes that it decomposes and vaporice, although recently experiments have been done exhibiting to the ectoplasm on a colored light and it has not presented any type of complaint.

There are certain cases in which, the ectoplasm can go so far as to shape an entire body and one believes that the same one moves for its own means, walking, dancing or even dancing with finished independence. Also one believes that the ectoplasm is capable of possessing different physiological functions as temperature, respiration and arterial tension all these readily assimilated characteristics with the normal values of any person. On the other hand during the ectoplasm production in the psychic a decrease of his weight registers and so that this one is recovered again, the same debit to absorb it, one believes that if a part of the ectoplasm avoids for the purpose of analysis, it would create an intolerable damage to the psychic.

Declaration of the ectoplasm

Up to today it is very difficult to understand for many people what ectoplasm is and why it takes place, and basically what we can say here is that from the experiences of the psychic Schrenzk-Notzing and previously mentioned Richet was begun to investigate about this strange substance. So that we could understand what ectoplasm is and of what way is it evident, we can say that at first it always appears like white veils, milky spots and generally if it is observed in his interior it looks like something like gelatinous mass, as sui it had a humid consistency and colágena. The figures that form are usually fingers, drawings and different types of drawings that often do not possess a specific form, but that clearly the substance distinguishes. Basically the course that fulfills the ectoplasm since he begins to form until it takes a definitive form is similar to an amoeba: it fixes his members in the soil and from there it begins to realize his movements.

ectoplasm - imageOften the ectoplasm remains "given" to the psychic although many different the substance separates and one believes that finally it interferes again inside the body of the psychic. Also there exist many persons' testimonies that have been opposite to an appearance or declaration of ectoplasm in which they make sure that the same one acquires corporeal forms, which it is molding little by little until for example, it is seen to arise an arm with his muscles, elbows, doll and shoulders.

In the world of the parapsychology, still at present, it has not passed of the hypothesis ambience with regard to what it is the ectoplasm and none as those who are supported has served so that the materializations of this substance could be explained. The only thing that if it is possible to mention like characteristic appellant in the declarations of the ectoplasm there are the following ones: first of all the ectoplasm always flows of the body of the psychic, generally remaining joined to almost how sui was an umbilical cord. To the beginning of his declaration it is not a visible matter, but little by little there begin to arise the vaporous clouds that often turn out to be accompanied by phenomenon light and of telekinesis. This vaporous mass that it composes to the ectoplasm has a white color and slowly there are organized the formations of different figures being able to be observed in; depending on the level of power that has the psychic, the formation and organization of the substance will be rapid or very slow; in many cases the ectoplasms declaration possesses a car lighting. Generally the bogey is re-absorbed by the psychic.

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