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Day of the dead persons in Mexico

The day of the dead persons is a very common celebration in Mexico because his origin comes from the Aztecs; it is a date chosen to honor the deceased persons that November 1 begins and ends 2 of the above mentioned month coinciding with the catholic dates of the day of all the saints and the day of the deceased faithful.

As well we said that the day of the dead persons is a Mexican festivity but there spread up to center America and some Latin communities in the United States. An important detail that it is worth while rescuing is that the day of the dead persons was declared like a festivity of patrimony of the humanity.

The origins of the celebration of this day are very previous at the arrival of the Spanish, in fact there are many records that demonstrate his celebration in the civilizations Mayan, totonaca, nahua and purépecha; the day of the dead persons has about approximately 3.000 years of celebration. On the other hand it is important to bear in mind that for the ancient Mexicans, the death was not presenting any of the moral connotations that emphasizes the catholic church, where there appears the idea of a sky and a hell to which the soul goes according to the behavior that the person has had in life. day - muertos-celebracion

On the contrary, this culture believed that the course marked for the soul of the deceased persons was deciding from the type of death that it has had and not of the type of life. In the XVIth century, when the Spanish came to America, they felt threatened and terrados for the practices that they were characterizing to the beliefs of the natives therefore they decided to do that the date of the above mentioned festivity was coinciding with those of the celebrations of the Catholicism; in an attempt driven to despair for turning the native ones of the new world, they combined his customs with those of the same ones, creating this way the day of the dead persons who are celebrated at present. Basically the idea is that the alive ones learn to live together with the dead persons without bothering between themselves, for it, and bearing in mind the importance that had the death in the indigenous culture, the celebration of the day of the dead persons is a prop in the Mexican culture.

Traditions of the day of the dead persons

One of the most common traditions of the day of the dead persons is l writing of calaveritas; the same ones are something like humorous epitaphs in which one alludes to a person who is alive, making fun of his physical aspect or of something that characterizes them, always speaking about them in past, as if they had already died. Generally these heaps are recited by some person who personifies to the image of the death, and it is very common that for the day of the dead persons one dedicates them calaveritas to public figures, especially the politicians. Another very popular custom in the day of the dead persons is that of organizing picnics in the cemeteries, where the main course is named “a bread of the dead persons” and talks each other of a sweet bread that bakes with different forms that go from figures of skulls up to ways of bone, you stone, coffins, etc.

day - muertos-fotosOn the other hand, the flowers also are a fundamental part of the celebration of the day of the dead persons, therefore it is very common to see like the headstones in the cemeteries they fill with very coloring and explosive copies; generally the flower most used in the day of the dead persons is the Cempaxocitl since he believes they are those who have more force at the time of attracting the soul of the dead persons. One of the beliefs that comprises the day of the dead persons is that on the 1st the souls of the deceased children visit his families again, while those of the adults come 2 of this month, for this reason, all grasp graves they are visited for the day of the dead persons since the souls return to this place.

In case a grave could not be visited for any reason, then what is done is to arm an altar luck in the house of every family for the purpose of honoring the relative who has died. In the same ones all kinds of gifts is placed for the deceased like cigarets, flowers, water, tequila, meal, and for the children toys. All these elements must be along with the photo of the person who in turn will be surrounded by sails. The holiday that is realized to celebrate the day of the dead persons is usually very showy since the clothes that is used together with the elements, the sails and the flowers are very coloring and happy because exactly what is celebrated is the life of the deceased in further away and takes as a principal idea to teach to the alive ones and to the dead persons to live in peace, jointly, without some bothering to the notros. Finally we want to emphasize the fact that what more it motivates to the achievement of the day of the dead persons is the part of the imaginary group it realizes the action to resuscitate the dear beings of every person so that these could meet once a year and celebrate this unit; one of the indigenous singings most pronounced during the day is that to the dead persons that says: "in any moment, in any place, I can surprise the death, and of being like that: welcome is!”

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