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Angels and archangels


Demons, dark and malignant spirits

Both in the religion and in the mythology, the demons represent the supernatural state that one usually describes when of speech of some malignant spirit and in some magic practices ocultistas, the demons present themselves as entities that can be controlled.

Now then, the conception most used in Occident to define the demons is the Judeo-Christian one, since according to the same one, the demons are spirits originated from the evil that take as an only purpose to possess the human beings or his souls. On part, for the Christianity, the demons are filthy spirits, servants of considered Lucifer the prince of this world and enemy of the Christian God and his Angels which residence is the hell.

Nevertheless, in some cultures, we can say that the demons must not be necessary malignant; for example, in the ancient Greece it usually divide between the good demons and the bad demons respectively. In case of the demons that they were considered like good, we can say that they look alike very much to the perception that has the Judaism with regard to the protective Angels for his part, the malignant demons according to the Greeks, they were those that the Judaism recognizes as “Fallen angels”. There exists a so called branch of the study “demonology“ that logically devotes itself to the analysis of all the well-known demons, and not so much, for the man, which represents a very interesting topic to be studied.demons - images

Anyhow we must clarify that it is necessary not to confuse the demonology with the demonomancia, since in the latter case, it is a question of a divination method by means of the invocation of different demons. According to many believers of the topic, the demons live together with us every day offering us different types of benefits which acceptance will depend on our decision, and the human beings we do not usually possess the aptitude to distinguish them, by what we turn out to be openly exhibited to fall down in his tricks and lies. Some of the most common damages that the demons can provoke the human beings are: the siege, the obsession attacking the man with terms of abuse, the possession, the temptation, etc., and it is important to bear in mind that the human being, although it is capable of developing the will to escape or to control this type of damages, the majority simply allows to be caught; many violent psychiatric illnesses are usually a product of the siege of the demons to the man.

Lucifer, the fallen angel

demons - LucifersThe Lucifer history is most known probably in the world of the demons because he is his owner and gentleman Lucifer was an Angel, the most beautiful of the creation, which was revealed against the God's orders and was expelled from the sky, for inciting to other Angels to realize a rebellion against the kingdom of the skies. Now then, if the Lucifer history is analyzed deeply we will be with that the same this contradiction flood, and it is important to emphasize that there is no document oficializado that speaks about him. Lucifer was erased of the history and now it is a legend.

The owner of the demons is met by many names: Satan, Satanás, Beelzebub, Luzbel, in case of Satan it is important to emphasize that although it is recognized like the name that obtains Lucifer for being supervised by the demons, the Judaism identifies with this name a demon called Azazel. Slightly very similar it happens with Beelzebub, since in this case it is a question of the master of the flies according to the Hebrews, although the Christianity accepts all these names like synonymous, it is important to emphasize that Lucifer or Luzbel is the name of the master of the demons when an angel promoted by it was the Christianity does not use these names to refer to him, and Satan or Satan is the name acquired on having been expelled from the sky, and most used by the Christian faithful.

On the other hand, Satan also is met like “the devil” and there are those who think that this supreme demon has no powers but until the man commits an impure act or of nastiness, it is for it by that it is characterized for touching the man to commit all kinds of acts of this magnitude to be able to exercise some power on him. Basically, like chief and commander of the demons, Satan is considered to be the origin of the evil.

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