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Some of the oriental esoteric currents

The oriental esoteric currents are usually of the most philosophical because they shut not very common mysticism up of seeing. Although someone are much more popular than others, all of them have some points in common.

It is important to bear in mind that the esoteric currents keep a very important tradition that up to today is respected all over the world, exactly due to the knowledge that we can find in his education. Now then, of the most popular oriental esoteric currents we can name the cabbala, the sufismo, the yoga, the tantra and the vajrayana.

In the latter case we can say that it talks each other basically of an extension of the Buddhism mahayana that differs from the traditional Buddhism only in his practices but not in his philosophy. This is one of the esoteric currents that can only be transmitted by a spiritual teacher and one believes that it is the last step in the evolution of the Hindu Buddhism. Of all the oriental esoteric currents, perhaps this is the least well-known, but it is important to emphasize that it has many followers about the world, especially in east. On the other hand, the cabbala at present is receiving a really outstanding importance, since every time they are more the persons who decide to continue this esoteric current. As we have already well said in another article about our place, this is one of the principal currents in the Judaism and between the Jews it is the cabbala the one that reaffirms the oral tradition that explains the sense that is granted to the sacred writing.


corrientes-esotericas-orientales-musulmanThe sufismo is one of the oriental esoteric currents that it represents to the Islam, and the term in itself is much used in the Occident to define the esoteric groups that not at all have to do with the Islam and like some forms of sincretismos of the new age. Now then, the practices that realize this example of the oriental esoteric currents do not differ too much to those of the Muslims since in most of the rituals, special emphasis is done in the ritual prayers, the alms, the fasting and the peregrination, which are part of the obligatory practices of the sufismo, and a so called dance exists as "imara" where one believes that the above mentioned dance dedicates of him to the divinity. Of all the oriental esoteric currents that exist, for the Islam, the sufismo represents that spiritual facet, the methods, rites and forms inside the context of the Islam. On the other hand, it is important that we emphasize that in the center of approach of the sufismo it is to achieve the closeness with God, and precisely here it is where we can find the biggest difference with the testo of the spiritual forms that are adopted in the Islam.


currents - esotericas-orientales-yogaThe yoga is one of six doctrines that get accustomed inside the Hinduism, which philosophical content is one of more adopted children about the world; in turn, the yoga is one of the most practised oriental esoteric currents, and according to whom they practise it, this one represents the union of the soul with God. The yoga is a native of the indies and because the texts written in Sanskrit language do not possess a specific chronology, it is not known the moment the epoch in which one nor began to realize this type of practices of meditation combined with physical positions that it characterizes to the yoga.

Now then, inside the oriental esoteric currents, the yoga is the only one that has different ramifications, which in spite of the practices possess the same bases, frequently, the positions and part of the philosophy changes. We do not want to allow standing out the fact that in Occident, the yoga is more accepted like a physical exercise than like a spiritual study.


The tantra represents one of the most important esoteric currents I enter of the Hinduism, and in accordance with his texts (that must be interpreted metaphorically), the God presents before himself across the body of the human being and by means of the sexuality and the integration of the feminine attitudes and the masculine ones. Inside the tantra also different meditation skills exist to raise the spirit, although we must stand out the fact that principally this is the only one of the oriental esoteric currents where there is carried out a luck of ritualización of the sexual act between two persons. It is all forms important to bear in mind that the principal target of the tantra is to achieve a reinstatement of the individual in his pure conscience.

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