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Why does the oracle serve to us to consult?

Since we all know, an oracle is a luck of symbolic guide that, by means of his correct interpretation, it helps us to determine of what way we will solve our problems or which will be the way that we take for a future.

One of the most frequent errors on that the people comment at the time of the oracle should consult, is he believes that the same one will give us the specific answers that we need or, he will say to us that to do according to the circumstances that the future provides us, the true thing is that although some divination methods exist, this is not the case of the oracle. If we do an analysis of the reasons for which the persons tend to consult the oracle, we must divide them in two different groups: on the one hand, in many societies of our planet, to consult the oracle is a part of an ancestral tradition and up to fundamental part of his culture.

Most of the people usually has a wide knowledge about the interpretation that must be given him to the questions that rise after the oracle consults, and it is very common that the consultations are practised privately and without lucre ends, as we have said in previous articles about our place, the progress and development of some communities depend consulting entirely the oracle. On the other hand those persons are that at the moment when some problem appears before them, or some obstacle intervenes them in a way, they run immediately after the oracle consults for the purpose of finding answers and immediate solutions. to consult - oraculo-grecia

I have here where we must indicate this most serious error since the solutions to our problems we must find them inside ours; each and everyone of us we possess the answers for that we look and need, only that it tells us to find them because the human being has the habit of wanting that everything is solved immediately when what truly it is necessary to do is to stop to think and reflect about the situations that the life does not impose, to manage to quarrel which it is the best way of acting opposite to them. To consult the oracle is a practice that helps us to it, that is to say that neither the letters of tarot, nor the runes, not the i-ching, nor the crystal ball will say to us what we have to do, simply they will help us to that we tackle ourselves the search of the answers that they will explain to us why of the events in our life, and once this is comprised, newly there we will be able to apply some solution.

The tradition of consulting the oracle

At present, most of the people whose tradition nothing has to do with the interpretation of the signs of the different types of oracles, usually resort to them more than anything for a fashion, an entertainment or simple curiosity. According to the philosophy that makes a detour to the essentials with which the different skills were created, to consult the aráculo must be a practice that is realized only when it is necessary and the situation in which the person is, he deserves an esoteric help. Needless to say that they are very little people who resorts after the oracle consults because really he needs it, and this is one of the principal reasons for which, not only the oracles' interpretation represents a big business, but also for the appearance of numerous chatterboxes who assure to have the aptitude to do it.

to consult - oraculo-oraculoAlso we might say that due to the gigantic quantity of the people who does of the oracle consults an entertainment or a motive of of diversion, the credibility of the art of interpretation of symbols to guide us in our steps, is questioned by million persons in the world. It is important that we bear in mind that to consult the oracle not only is the most important part of the oriental ancient history, but also in the Greek, Roman and northerly mythologies, to consult the oracle was an important part of his culture since it was representing the answer of the gods of his respective pantheons.

And the symbolism together with the histories, legends and histories that the different types of oracles present are the extract of learning that most of the people possess to manage so much mulberry tree as spiritually at present. For these reasons, to consult the oracle must represent an important action and especially respectful, since likewise into the Christianity the doubt is not admitted opposite to the miracles or the God's existence, for the cultures that still today they usually consult the oracle like part of his daily activities, the veracity of this one must never put itself in doubt cloth and therefore it deserves the same respect as the rest of the creeds and convictions.

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