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How to do magic with the suitable elements

There are great the people, especially the young people, that they are interested very much in how doing magic, independently of the magic currents that could exist. The true thing is that to do magic, the first thing that it is necessary to have a formation and a very special instruction is, since the approach that will have the magic will depend entirely on the intentions that the individual possesses with regard to the charm and conjurations that it develops.

The hardware to be used to practise magic is usually the same in all the types of magic, although in some cases the difference takes root in the symbolism of the above mentioned element; but one of the factors that have in common the magic hardware at the time of putting them into practice, is that it is always preferable that the same ones are made or made by one himself, since it is fundamental that they are loaded by our own energy, and also it is important to dedicate them.

To dedicate a tool is the first step that it will indicate us how to do magic without having negative consequences and this action must be realized by means of a cleanliness with four elements (fire, Air Waters down, Earth,) and reciting some prayer to the gods who protect the magic practice. The first one of the hardware that we will name will be the Pentáculo, an element used in order to center the energy dedicating any type of element that settles above his. The pentaculo in a size or circular drawing that shuts a stave up. The Athame is one of the most used hardware, especially in the magic Wicca, and it is a question of a dagger that helps to direct the energy inside a body to the - hacer-magia-elementos

In practice of white magic this dagger usually has a double knife-edge but that does not cut, on the contrary, in the black magic, the daggers are used usually to sacrifice animals for what they are very sharp. About how doing magic, some books indicate to the chalice as fundamental element in a ritual, since it is used like liberation symbol in those rituals of purification and exorcism. An element typical of every witch, magician and wizard is the black boiler that is used to burn grasses, roles, or any thing that is necessary in a charm, and also to prepare potions and charm. The sails are present in all the magic rituals and often they represent the way that must follow to learn correctly how to do magic, also, they represent the guards of the magic. In addition to all this hardware, there are fundamental elements as the images corresponding to the deities, stones and grasses.

Advices and recommendations

There are certain important points of bearing in mind to understand how to do magic, for example, with charm does not solve any type of problem of health, if it is possible to use like a method to give force and positive energy to those persons who realize some medical treatment, but always with his assent. It is important not to have any economic target without essentials, this means that it is not necessary to do a charm to become rich, but for example, it is possible to try with the magic a motivation to be more efficient in the labor area of each one; charm cannot also be realized to study and of course there is categorically prohibited to use the magic as a game or a diversion.

like - hacer-magia-templateThere are many people who has the aptitude to begin alone in the magic practices, but it is always much more advisable to have some tutor or teacher who teaches us like doing magic, and all the factors that owe to bear in mind, since a teacher possesses an internal work the sufficiently evolved as to allow him to transmit all that knowledge that need of a very special comprehension,

But it is important to bear in mind that to go out in the teachers' search can turn out to be dangerous since it is very common to come across with “chatterboxes“ who not only give erroneous lessons but also they do that the people spend any money quantity without mentioning that many of them are sensors of the faithful to corner his sects. Finally we do not want to allow mentioning one of the fundamental elements that any teacher will indicate us or I free about how doing magic: the protection circle. There are great the forms that exist to plan it, and someone turn out to be slightly more laborious than others but all and each of them have to mark for an object the limit between two worlds and that this way, that the magician or sorcerer / witch could carry out his practices under entire protection. On the other hand it is important to bear in mind all the hardware that will be used to do magic it is necessary to deposit them inside the circle since it is not correct to enter and to go out of the same; also more suitable to have a certain serviceability to move it is to do a circle with considerable dimensions.

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