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Know the classification of the magic

When we listen to speak about the magic generally in first that we think it is in supernatural forces, charm, conjurations, and other elements, but it is important to bear in mind that there exists a classification of the magic that helps us to understand each of the motives by which it is used. It is important that we think that the magic is a way for which one gains access to the objects transformation, and the most important tool that is used when magic is realized is the mental power, this is the one that impels the desire to create supernatural things to be able to manage to reach our target.

Anyhow, it is important to emphasize that in fact the magic is only one, and although really there should exist a classification of the magic that is based on distinctive colors, the green or the red one exists neither the black magic, nor the half note nor her, simply there exists the intention with which the magic acts are realized. For this reason it is fundamental that whenever someone dares to carry out some magic act, it is necessary to be perfectly conciente of what it is done, also we must always have in mind that one of the big props with which one handles the magic is the law of the karma, that is to say that if the same one is used by some malignant end, this one will turn in ours against; to know the classification of the magic can help us to decide about what way we will use.

White magic

classification - magia-blanca

White magic is named to all those magic acts which intention is not to damage anybody, but simply it is used in those cases where really his application is necessary. This branch of the classification of the magic, as say those who understand, it exists in the world for thousands of years and the person who is capable of dominating the white magic can go so far as to create positive charm of light, like also life of an effective way. It is said that the white magic works from the forces of the nature by means of his manipulation and transformation; across the white magic, a person can invoke all the elementary beings in order to ask for his help in the end that should want to be obtained, any time the same one is inside an honest and charitable frame.

Black magic

classification - magia-negraThe black magic is a magic practice which methods and targets are not accepted by the community where they are realized. The principal target of the black magic is definitely to hurt, by what it is considered to be a secret science applied to the evil. In many cultures the black magic talks each other of the invocation devils and to avert malignant spirits by means of the celebration of some religious ritual. Another important point of standing out of the black magic is that the same one finds submitted wise moves preconcepts, hence, his meaning is quite complicated to understand. Many practicing people of the black magic, take the manipulation of certain circumstances as a target to manage to whip his victims, making them be part (involuntarily and without his assent) of satanic agreements.

Green magic

The green magic derives from the white magic, since his use possesses charitable and disinterested ends, and his essential component is the implementation of plants and grasses in all his prepared ones, rites, charm and conjurations. One believes that the green color is one of the colors that symbolizes the magic of the love, it is for it that inside the classification of the magic, the green magic is posicionada in the group of the beneficent magic. In general, the targets that are chased on having used the green magic have to do with the couple but they are to force the will of nobody.

Red magic

The red magic also is named hematomancia and stands out for being a part of the classification of the magic but like way of divination, where there is used the blood or any other type of living textile. The red magic also is practised and realizes across the sex and in most of the contemporary western societies, it is thought a practice of black magic. The red magic is faced to the cases of love, but in contrast to the green magic, this one is used by motives of destruction and manipulation of the foreign will.

Gray magic

The gray magic is that focused in the labor, economic and student questions. The rituals are used very much with sails although logically a specific ritual exists for every target. The reality is that the gray magic is not part of this classification of the black magic not white, simply it is a question of a neutral practice where the personal interests of every individual are the principal target.

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