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Angels and archangels


Sky: a reward to our good conduct

The sky is a concept that goes much further of any spiritual philosophy or religion. There are great the persons who believe in the sky and affirm that the same one is the final destination for all those persons who have taken a life according to the sacred writing.

In some slightly common cases, several persons assure to have had some type of personal contact with the sky, and the purpose of it is that of indoctrinating to most of the human beings, about God, the sky and the life in. Now then, the religion defines to the sky like the participation of the divine nature to enjoy the God's company for the whole eternity; for the religious ones the sky represents the last goal of the desire of the absolute happiness that each of the men in the ground wants to specify; it is something like satisfaction of the deepest wishes inside the human heart, but this description, the same one usually dreams very little attractive for many people since it is a too symbolic description.

But to be able to spend it in clean we can say that the idea of the sky is as if there were all our happiest memories, happening repeatedly at the same time, all the desires that we want to fulfill. We say this because basically the general idea about a sky is that the same one represents a reward that we deserve thanks to our irreproachable behavior during our step along the ground, what all this means is that in the sky there exists neither the suffering, the pain nor the death.

sky - paradiseThere are those who believe that we create the sky ourselves, according to the life that we choose, this way, if we behave correctly for the rest of ours life, it is probable that we have neither serious too much problems nor worries that could torment us. This has to do specially with the idea of that each one decides how his life wants to happen, for it we must bear in mind that in addition to the religious conception that we all know, also there exists the earthly one, which it was we who forge ourselves. On the other hand, and emphasizing the religious belief, many persons have the belief of which when they amount to the kingdom of the skies, they will do it like Angels, but truly this is something that it is possible neither to affirm nor be out of line. The religion says that God I believe the man as man and loves it as such, and precisely the reward for obeying it we must enjoy it in body and soul. Bearing in mind that the sky is one of so many people topics based on popular beliefs, traditions and histories, it is very difficult to affirm that any of the hypotheses created by the man could be true or in any case verified.

The sky and his hierarchies

sky - angelAccording to the religious histories that they speak about the sky, one believes that in the same one there exists a luck of organization of hierarchies between the Angels that inhabit them, this way there are those Angels that treat straight with God, which are messengers in the ground and the guards of the humanity. Each of the tasks that, is supposed, they redeem with very important since one believes that the this entire humanity in hands of these celestial personages.

Anyhow it is important to clarify the fact that several in these angelical hierarchies into the sky split between the Angels and the archangels, being the second ones of a status major than firstly although in spite of this, it is created that they are very vulnerable celestial beings since, on having been in direct contact with the human beings, they are much more exhibited after there fall down different temptations, that is to say that are much more capable to the sin. Also one believes that the saints fulfill a fundamental roll inside the sky although there does not exist any writing that there specifies which is in fact; anyhow the religious popular belief says that the saints are those that interact with the persons who are in conditions to be part of the sky once his life in the ground has ended.

Finally we want to remember that the life of the soul is eternal, and based on this belief, it is said that those persons who possess a pure and free sin soul are deserving of the kingdom of the skies, while those human beings who have been missing to the God's word, not only do not deserve to cross the doors of the sky, which are usually sent to the purgatory or the hell, as I deserved the case.

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