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Shamanism yesterday and today

The shamanism is the religion of the shamans and basically the center of all his beliefs is the healing. The shaman since we know is in charge of treating the physical, spiritual and emotional problems of the faithful who visit them often.

This religion is quite tribal, and generally, for example, in the forests there exist many temples of the shamanism, where a shaman by means of his prayers and canticles, they help to the sanction of the physical and pathological illnesses that many persons suffer; anyhow we must say that although this should be the extract of the religion shaman, the shamanism represents much more than the healing. It is important to emphasize the fact that the shamanism in the antiquity was much practised by a very important priestly elite, and what precisely today we know like shamanism, it is not a question of the authentic religion, since at present the shamanism is devoid of what would be a work of self-knowledge and personal discovery.

We can say that the shamanism of the actuality is something very similar to the official medical routine, that is to say, the patient consults with the doctor so that this one solves his problem, while the same one tries with all the means of those that it arranges to improve the health of his patient. shamanism - imageNow then, how we have said, the shamanism needs of a work of self-knowledge in which we will have to bear in mind that the man, according to the conception of the shamanism, possesses three levels diferententes to be able to achieve this work. The first one of these levels is named Hanan Pacha and is the spiritual world regarding; according to level Cay pasha and it refers to the current world, here and now; and the third level is the Ucu Pacha, which alludes at the level of the ego, what turns it into the densest level of the three.

To understand and to know each of these three levels is very important for the vision that the shamanism possesses on the human being. On the other hand, if we have to realize an evaluation about the shamanism at present we can say that the philosophy is located in the world of Cay Pacha since exactly the shamans deal with attending to the problems of here and now, but avoiding to tackle them in a much deeper way and to the being a slightly more concrete shamanism, there is not had too much idea of what is the spiritual world, that is to say that does not even evaluate the first level Hanan Pacha. Also it is important to mention the fact that to study in depth the shamanism, shows us such aptitudes like visualizing the aura of different persons since in this religion, the handling of the energies is a fundamental part for the practices that are realized in the shamanism.

Primitive shamanism

Many persons who carry out the different magic practices of the shamanism, usually use spring, psico-of integration plants that generally are only dedicated to hurting towards other persons. For example, it is common that the shamanism uses skills voodoo, such as the famous dolls or the practices in which they enter a species of the state of situation, attributing this to the astral body of some God, or some deceased who possesses them to give his messages to the world of the alive ones. The primitive shamanism dictated by the Mayan Shaman is infested with this type of practices in which often general you peel, attacks and meetings, but always supporting the mind focused in the darkest part of the occultism.

shamanism - shamanMany persons also fall down in the shamans' pitfall since precisely they are these persons who give the power to the shaman, that is to say, that the thoughts of the people who tends to consult these dark methods of the shamanism due to his thoughts, illusions, faith, focused in the structure that shapes the ego of every individual, they create a luck of energy emission that manages to grant the supposed powers to this shaman. This primitive shamanism was alternated in the course of time, with a slightly whiter practice of the shamanism, which was devoting itself to treat illnesses, there the shaman was devoting himself to recover across prepared with grasses, plants and other wild species.

Finally we must say that it is important that it stays in clear that likewise there exists a shamanism which practical healers and sorceresses are focused in helping and being right, also a shamanism exists with a much lower vibration, where the black magic presides each of the practices. Obviously it stays more that clear that in the latter case, pasha one works exclusively at the level ucu, that is to say the level of the ego, for this reason it is that most of the practices of this shamanism turn out to be impulsive specially for feelings of hate, envy and revenge.

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