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To be a shaman

In the language Tungu, native of Siberia, Shaman or Xaman is a person to whom he is assumed by the powers or the aptitude to alter the reality of a such way that they do not answer to the causal logic.

One of the virtues for which the people usually emphasize a shaman is for his apparent skill of recovering, in addition to the capacities of natural clairvoyance and of getting in touch with the spirits. The term “shaman“ also is much used to indicate the presence of these it presents itself in many societies huntresses and recolectoras of Oceania, Africa Asia and America and in turn in many prehistoric cultures of Europe. In fact, in many cultures there is had the belief of which a shaman is capable of indicating which is the best hunt place and they even even have the skill of influencing the climatic factors. Now then, the roll that a shaman redeems in the communities is that of treasurers of knowledge and the gift that they possess is granted them by heredity and generally depending on the vocation that the same one has towards being a shaman, but in turn it is important to bear in mind that the profession of a shaman possesses a way of beginning which is based in surrendering to long fastings, spiritual retirement, and in some cases they even must consume certain hallucinogenic plants. shaman - imageOn the other hand, a shaman is chosen by the families that compose the community, and later for the spirits you guide, and as soon as the election was done, the shaman must surrender to a rigorous spiritual training.

The functions with which the shaman of a community must expire are to communicate with the spirits, as well we were saying previously, to correct the errors that are committed in the above mentioned community what leads them to being the managers of harmonizing the man with regard to the physical and spiritual world. It is all forms important that we do not confuse the shaman with a priest since in spite of being assigned to other inhabitants of the community there does not exist a priestly class that qualifies them.

Bearing in mind it is important to emphasize that all piety chamánica possesses his center in the charge of the shaman, since the same one is the intermediary only one with the spirits. In this point it is important to emphasize that one believes that the shaman has the aptitude to turn the spirits of the nature and of the men died in his family, and for his part, the anthropologists who devoted themselves to study the phenomena of the shaman both in Siberian peoples and in the sintoístas of Japan, and several tribes placed in Australia, New Zealand and America, it can realize “trips“ towards the spiritual plane by means of the different conscience states for the purpose of receiving new knowledge that it could give in his people.

In spite of this we must say that the reputation and the respect that owes him to a shaman, is centred specially on his sanación powers. On the other hand, many people wonder of that way the shamans work, and we must say that most of the studies about the roll of the shaman and his powers, they explain to us that the work that the healings realize across grasses, vegetable substances, roots, suggestion and effect placebo. Also it is supposed that the power of suggestion that the shamans have can go so far as to produce some therapeutic effects, in those persons who endure such pathologies like attacks of panic, anxiety, depression or some psychic imbalance. Another important point of standing out is that many studies are develado that the tribes that the Incas usually dominated were possessing different knowledge that it was helping them to control, for example, the depression states by means of the use of different medicines derived from grasses.

Difference between shaman and psychic

shaman - shamanIt is important that we do not confuse a shaman with a psychic, since to sorrow that both possess powers to communicate with the spirits, and to canalize the messages of these across their own bodies, a psychic usually gives his body so that these spiritual entities take the control during all the time that there lasts the situation which they usually enter the psychic. For his part, the shaman what it does is to travel towards the world of the spirits but in entire domain if the same. On the other hand, while the psychic does not possess the necessary materials to interact and to interpret the information given by the spirits, simply they canalize this information then to return to his normal state but generally without memory of the happened. On the contrary, the shaman travels both to the low worlds and to the Superiors induced due to the rhythm of the blows of the drums or often also under the effect of different grasses. Thanks to this capacity, the shaman must expire with the mission to be present at the spirits of the deceased while they realize his transition. On the other hand the shaman not only recovers the knowledge of through what he lives and what happens, and also in contrast to the psychic, the shaman transmits and interprets all the information that the spirits offer him.

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