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Mayan shaman, excellent healer

The Mayan shaman was the healer of this indigenous civilization, who was working especially with the purpose to harmonize the body and the mind of all the inhabitants of his people.

The Mayan shaman was using a system of sanación named Hunabku, which was allowing not only they, but also the rest of the community, to have the reconectarse opportunity with the energy of the Central Sun, God of the Galaxy and that way they could raise the vibratory frequency, something that usually favored the Mayan to obtain a vision and a much wider comprehension about the reality, and of every situation. The contact that the Mayan shaman was establishing with this energy, was favoring to 3 fundamental factors that generally in us are slept; one of these factors is the telepathy, which, it helps us to get connected with most of the subtle energies that surround the people permanently.

Ways, having a full development of the telepathy, the Mayan shaman was capable of decoding the messages that were sent to him constantly on the part of the gods to this one. shaman - maya-piramideAlso, thanks to it, the Mayan shaman had the connection that was needed to understand that all the individuals of the planet form everything, and due to this, there exists the possibility that they all get connected between themselves. The sincronicidad is other of the factors that the Mayan shaman usually dominated, and when we speak about this we refer to the sincronicidad that was allowing them to act in the just moment and always of the love way that it could help to the development of his people.

Undoubtedly the most important factor was the love, because of the only way in which it is possible to feel love for the neighbor, it is beginning loving each other itself, and this was something that the Mayan shaman was bearing much in mind. This way, it was managing to reach the happiness across the compassion, the comprehension and the grace. On the other hand, the Mayan shaman was using the sanacion Hunabku because it which one was turning the energy vibrations of the same one into energy channel it does effect where more it is needed, and for this reason the healing that the Mayan shaman realized is historically one of the most effective. We cannot ignore the fact that such famous Mayan predictions, they were dictated exactly by the Mayan shaman, and as it is said, the same ones were dictated in the mind of the Mayan shaman who then was writing them and was interpreting for his people. Most of the predictions were fulfilled so and as they said it, and is for this reason it that the Mayan civilization to received so much respected along the history.

Rituals and customs guided by the Mayan Shaman

The rituals and the customs generally had the handlebar of the Mayan shaman, as for example, one of more acquaintances was the ritual of the cranial distortion, a characteristic that was distinguishing physically the Mayan of other civilizations. Basically this ritual was consisting of the fact that a few days after born the creature, the Mayan shaman was putting mouth below, although often also they were placing mouth it arrives on a bed durantes days, and they were compressing this time space with a lot of force the caneo colchándole the head into the way of two stage of hollow form, and the stage was tied hard in the skull of the baby. This way the head of the same one was staying with a sharp-pointed form up and squashed ahead.

shaman - maya-fotosThe strabismus also was a very peculiar physical characteristic of the Maya, and basically what towards the Mayan Shaman was to hang by the hair of the children, a made ball of resin that was hanging on the forehead of the same ones forcing them to look at it constantly. This way the Mayan shaman was achieving that the children acquire this deviation in the eyes. On the other hand, the Mayan shaman also realized the mutilation it would teethe, where it was adorning the teeth of the men and the women with different incrustations, also, were filing the teeth so that the same ones take a form similar to that of one it closes.

The corporal perforations also it was a typical practice in this tribe; the men and the women were perforated in hands of the Mayan shaman in the lobe of the ear, and the above mentioned perforation was enlarged gradually. Now then, many Mayan rituals were including different sacrifices, which were carried out often by the Mayan shaman and although generally animals were sacrificing themselves, the persons often were a victim of these gifts to the gods. The Mayan shaman believed that the gods, on not having been mortal, needed of the blood to increase his power. Although often the Mayan shaman was sacrificing the people of his own people, whenever they were crossing with some foreign intruder, he was this one who was paying the consequences of the ritual.

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