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The art of the cartomancy

The cartomancy is an art that up to today is surrounded with mysteries and there are great the people who does not find explanation to the fact of which the letters are capable of transmitting messages that there can only interpret those persons studious and expert in reading of letters, but the reality is that all the phenomena that the cartomancy predicts can be explained without any type of problem.

The history of the cartomancy begins when in China the card games were invented in the XIIth century and these letters were coming from the dice, although only they were used by the target to enjoy playing. Later in the same century, the letters begun to be used like divination way and began to gain a popularity that soon would extend Europe.

cartomancy - tarotistaThere existed this tendency that began to follow at the end of the XIIIth century and had a strong opposition on behalf of the church since it was argued that the use of the cartomancy was not at all more and neither more nor less than “work of the devil”; nevertheless, when he practises this one the western aristocracy came, the letters as way of divination began to have a world success. At present, most of the persons who have decided to devote themselves to the letters reading possess an accuracy in his readings worthy of admiration although also it is true that many persons take advantage of the need of which it has the people to be appealed to these divination methods, and they devote themselves to the swindle with this type of practices. It is important that we bear in mind that the cartomancy is the whole art and that not only it needs of the guessed right knowledge of each of the letters, but also essential comprehension is his images and all the forms in which the throws are realized, without mentioning that the person who carries out the cartomancy meetings must possess a big sense of the intuition and an extensive experience, only this way of podrá obtain a correct interpretation of the letters.

Types of cartomancy

Different types of cartomancy exist, although most used in the world there are the tarot, that the most important discipline of the cartomancy turns out to be. Although the specific origin of the tarot is uncertain, one believes that it comes from the ancient Egypt since the philosophy that is used in this method of reading of letters is basically the same one that we can find in the sacred Thot book. All the types of cartomancy that are used at present have a lot to do with the transmission of feelings and events that are hard tied to our subconscious, for this reason the cartomancy or reading of letters possesses a certain importance level inside the psychology. Every letter corresponding to the tarot possesses a symbol that gets connected to some event or, to some feature of the character of the person consultant and the above mentioned letters split between arcane major and minor.

cartomancy - templateThe colors of the Tarot cards also represent some typical behaviors. At present there are two types of games of tarot that are most used so much professionally as for many fans, one is the reider-waite tarot and different is the famous cartomancy game of to Crowley. Both card games are very similar with the exception of the images. On the other hand, another type of very used cartomacia is the designed one by missis Lenormand. In this case the Lenormand letters do not possess any more than 36 playing cards that constitute the daily scenes of the life. The reading of letters that use the Leormand playing cards, they possess symbols that result from big help in the interpretation that the tarotista of realizing in the different situations that they appear before him.

Other of the types of cartomancy is the one that takes the name of the German clairvoyant Susanne kipper, that as they tell that he would have invented them in the year 1873; but there are many persons who devote themselves to the cartomancy that they assure that the name that these playing cards receive has to do with the word kipper that “forger“ means, and it was a term much used in the years ’30. A characteristic that we can notice in this palmistry game is the important number of personalized letters that many situations and precise circumstances constitute to the circle of the person who realizes the consultation and also. Finally, the reading of letters realized with the playing cards of the Angels, they are usually hard linked to the different types of tarot and each of the letters represents an angel that has a proper personality. The work of the one who throws the letters is to receive messages of the Angels by means of the playing cards.

Many people say that thanks to this type of cartomancy it is possible to manage to find an exit to any adverse situation, in addition to which the Angels describe the progress of any situation, in addition to advising which it is the best way that must take.

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