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The power of the letters of tarot

The tarot letters represent a very powerful tool to wake up the intuitive faculties that all of us possess in our interior.

Basically the drawings that each of the letters possess of tarot represent a metaphorical system that leads us for the way of the self-knowledging and precisely using these drawings that possess the letters of tarot and his relation with the daily matters of the life, it is possible to manage to explore all our worries and personal sensations in addition to there sees a clearer form the reality for which we exist.

Essentially, we can say that the tarot letters are an excellent way that invites us to the meditation, the contemplation and the reflection in addition to which they help us to analyze very much our problems so that we could clarify our decisions across the stimulation of the intuition and the spiritual growth. letters - tarot-imagenAnyhow it is important that we bear in mind that the tarot letters not always are necessary a method for the prediction of our future, since most of the times offer us an alternative vision about the daily problems that we have to face along our life.

If the tarot is used correctly it is probable that one of the means represents of help more direct that we will find, especially when we must cross for different situations that it does that our way in to the life splits into two and we do not know well which is that we are destined to take, for it, the well interpreted tarot letters can guide us so that we do not commit errors that later can cost us expensive. As well we were saying previously, the drawings of the letters of tarot, it has a very strong meaning and a power, and it is for it that there are some of them that usually impress very much the persons, but also we must bear in mind that these meanings are those who were guiding us and they will give us the answer for that we are looking.

Different designs of letters of tarot

If we speak a little about the sayings design I draw then we must mention the fact that many exist and very varied, since many artists decided to do their own tarot version. Like that it is like that nowadays tarot letters exist with drawings corresponding to different expressions artistic, between them we can mention the letters of tarot of Aleister Crowley which ones there are the originals and most used. For his part Salvador Dalí also has his own version of letters of tarot, which it presents drawings typical of his style; between the cards most used also we can name to the letters of tarot Rider-Wite. Also, other letters of tarot that exist on the market, although they are not so popular as the previous ones are: the letters of tarot Haindl, the Spanish tarot, the letters of tarot Pumariega.

letters - tarot-cartasThe drawings of the Tarot cards Balbi and Durero and the Renaissance letters also are very well-known, although by his esthetics between the clairvoyants are not so used tarotistas and finally one of the designs of letters of tarot more curious that they have been done there are the tarot letters for cats, where all the arcane ones, the biggest and the minor are represented by cats images. This is a mallet of letters of very popular tarot between the smallest; the mothers who want to inculcate to his children from children the art of the cartomancy usually choose these tarot letters so that they begin to study.

On the other hand, we do not want to allow mentioning the fact that in spite of each of these mallets from tarot letters they are different in his styles and designs as for the drawings, absolutely each and everyone of them possess the same validity as the traditional tarot. The meaning both of the biggest arcane ones and of the arcane minors who agree to the tarot letters is not modified by no means, and it is important that this is had in skylight since often, the persons usually incline for some of these cards but they do not dare to acquire them since they think that the meaning of the letters changes. In this sense we must say that one of the principal rules of the clairvoyance methods as it is the tarot, it is that the person who uses them must feel commode with the letters since the same ones are hardware with which we must work, for it it is always better to acquire the designs of letters of tarot that more fit to our tastes and serviceability, this way, the reading will be able to be carried out without any type of problem.

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