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Jewish cabbala

The cabbala represents one of the most important and principal Jewish mystical currents which structural study base centers on the “Tree of the life” that is composed by 10 spheres and 22 footpaths which represent a much more direct approach to the comprehension of the God's actions and the form in which it created the universe.

But between the Jews, the cabbala constitutes an oral tradition that explains the sense that is given him to the sacred writing. In the antiquity, the cabbala was considered to be the entire body corresponding to the doctrine that was received, with the exception of the Pentateuco (the writings that form the Jewish Torá). As it is said, the origins of the cabbala date from the ends of the XIIth century, although many people make sure that it is a mystical current that had his beginning close to the Ist century B.C.

Such it is so one of the legends most known about the cabbala tells that the same one represents an esoteric knowledge that Yavé (God) decided to reveal Adam to him, then to Abraham and finally to Cradle in the mount Sinai. On the other hand, one believes also that Yavé taught him the cabbala philosophy to the angel Raziel, just after the fall of the first man. On the other hand we must point out that one of the most important contributions that were done to the cabbala was done by Abraham Abulafia, since it exhibited the idea of which from the bosom of the secret divinity, there arose a beam of light that gave him the origin to nothing represented by a sphere and from this God's supreme crown other nueves spheres represent the different aspects in which God car shows. Now then, we can say that according to the corresponding belief, the cabbala is very previous to any type of religion or theology since it was granted to the humanity by the same God, without any type of condition. cabbala - image

According to the educations that the cabbala shows us, the universe works according to certain beginning that perform a supreme power and once sayings beginning are understood the life of every individual improves significantly achieving the state of deep plenitude so much for one himself as for the rest of the humanity. Those who study the cabbala make sure that system does not talk each other only of one philosophical, but it is a precise description about the nature that has interlaced between the physical reality and the spiritual one.

To explain it in a much simpler way, the cabbala grants us the hardware necessary for the securing of the happiness, the plenitude and especially to load with the light of the Creator. The knowledge that corresponds to the cabbala teaches us to use a very practical method to achieve the scope to a top world moan that once the man realizes of which is the real intention by which it was put in the ground the same reaches a maximum perfection level, and the calmness, the limited enjoyment, and the aptitude to obtain a transcendency in the time and space while he still lives in this world, there are the sensations that you experience following the philosophy of the cabbala.

The speculative cabbala

The speculative cabbala for his part, studies and investigates the senses corresponding to the sacred writing, and to all the mysteries that the nature and the creation comprises, subdividing so much artificial as symbolically and in real or dogmatic. cabbala - templateIn case of the symbolic speculative cabbala, there are perceived usually those rules that help us to decipher the secret senses that are expressed in the Bible; this way, to manage to decipher these texts, some words must be placed in vertical form encimas of other correspondents to certain passages of the holy book, turning out to be like that new words that arise from the placed letters vertically. These words usually get ready in the shape of square so that they could be read in vertical and in the stated order, the same ones answer to three varieties corresponding to the symbolic cabbala: the Gematría, the Notaricón and the Temurá. For his part, the dogmatic speculative cabbala, it gives the explanation of the secret meaning that they hide under some texts of the Bible, with the application of the phenomena happened in the history that counts the creation. In this case there are two types of cabbala: the science of Merkabá, which it does excites a world supralunar (theology and metaphysics) and the science Bereshit that usually deals with the sublunar world.

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