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The ball of crystal, a good method of prediction

It is very common that most of the persons associate to the crystal ball with the witches and the fortune tellers, since as well we know, the crystal ball is one of the methods of prediction and clairvoyance more used in the world.

Basically it is a question of a crystal sphere that uses the reflex of the light to create an images effect in his interior, but the fundamental thing to manage to use this type of clairvoyance, it is necessary that the person who realizes his this one under a deep concentration.

The origin of the use of the crystal ball dates from the Celtic tribes who were living in the island of Great Britain from 2.000 B.C. and they were unified on the part of the druids, who were one of the groups first in using the crystal ball as a clairvoyance method. In fact, if it is analyzed deeply we will be able to realize that the druidic religion had many resemblances with the megalithic religion of the ancient Great Britain, for this reason it is possible that thanks to them the crystal ball took so many relevancy in the world of the divination and the clairvoyance.

During the middle age in Central Europe many wizards, clairvoyants, magicians, gypsies and psychic began to use like inevitable instrument, to the crystal ball, so much to see the past as the present and the future of the clients and the consultants. Due to his transparent nature, the beryllium was one of the materials most used to make the crystal balls, and many escocia mountain-dwellers began to name it like the “stone of energy”. ball - cristal-bolasAnyway although the first crystal balls were made by this element, at present the rock crystal is used since it turns out to be many more hialina. Now then, it is said that the crystal ball "invented" a lot of time before the Celtic tribes, and was in the ancient Egypt, several milleniums previous to the Christian age, although also there are affirmations that they indicate us that the crystal ball has his origins in the Mayan civilization.

Some information that turn out to be very interesting with regard to the use of the crystal ball is that for example, in the island of Fiji, when something bad happens or a crime happens, one always resorts to the crystal ball since it is decided that the same one has the aptitude to show the happened events and this way there can be obtained the tests of the one who was the culprit; this method was used by the Aztecs and the Incas. One of the uses most known in the history of the crystal ball is that of the astrologer Dee, who was using it in order to Reina Elizabeth I showed him the events of the past. Although many people doubt the credibility of this method of clairvoyance, we cannot deny that in the ambience of the magic it is the resource most used by witches, magicians, wizards and fortune tellers.

How to use the crystal ball

To use a crystal ball as a divination way can turn out to be an ideal method for those persons who are sensitive and who want to canalize correctly his clairvoyant faculties. It is important to obtain a crystal ball that is carved in a crystal of good quality, but that is not too big since lively it must have approximately 4 cm in diameter. Generally the size standard of the crystal balls this one between the 10 and 15 centimeters. The supports that use sound of any type of material that is the sufficiently resistant thing and that prevents the ball from falling down, but also it can be supported in the hand, although it is important in this case to prevent the person who realizes the consultation from approaching too much, like that from without being reflected in her provoking that the visions make a mistake.

ball - cristal-manosNow then, an important detail that it is necessary to have if a crystal ball is used is that the table where the consultation is realized must always be covered by some tablecloth, at present target or of any cloth that does not shine; generally the tradition of the witches indicates that the crystal ball must be supported on a black velvet so that the reflexes are avoided when it is used. It is important to warm the ball with fire or rubbing it with the proper hands before placing it in the base, and to achieve that the effect of visions that let's want to obtain works, what it is necessary to do is to project the mind towards the interior of the crystal and not of the surface as many people believe; once we are completely focused in her on the images they will begin appearing themselves.

It is important to fix the sight in them but without forcing the look and logically without blinking since this might cause that the disipe image. As soon as every consultation was finished it is indispensable that the crystal ball washes itself with water and soap, especially if other persons have been manipulating it; the alcohol also is good to clean the energy impurities that it possesses after a meeting and is fundamental that this is done since they can interfere with other visions.

After that it is ten minutes immersed in water, alcohol or water with vinegar, it must dry off very delicately with a deerskin flannel. It is important to avoid any type of element that could rule the surface.

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