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What sound the energy ritual baths?

The energy ritual baths help us to load us with energy in those situations in which not only we feel a big physical but also emotional wear.

This sensation can be caused for stress or even for some situation of emotional shock which we have had to face. Basically the purpose of the energy ritual baths is that we change the negative energy into the print, and in those cases where the energy has not become exhausted completely, they help us to restore it not only but also to support it. In case of the sorcerers, magicians and wizards, in the ancient epoch and also in the middle age, they usually realized several energy ritual baths per week since the same ones not only were increasing his energy capacity needed to carry out his practices but also they were increasing greatly his magic power, and precisely it is the this one of the reasons for which the magicians were usually much more powerful in that epoch than in this one.

Basically they usually did the energy ritual baths with oils, rosewater, prepared of grasses and plants, and at present it is a tradition that has not got lost. We must bear in mind that due to the familiarity that we have with the water, the human being possesses an almost instinctive attraction for the water, that's why on having plunged us inside her so much in the energy ritual baths as in the habitual baths our body acquires a sensation revitalizante and stops being weighed turning in ethereal and the ambience that surrounds us changes abruptamente turning in or place full of peace that allows us to relax completely. baths - energeticos-sales

When we realize an energy ritual bath it is logical that we could perceive very pleasant sensations that often are denied to us because we support permanently the weight of the gravity. The water represents one of four elements of the nature and bearing in mind that quite we were immersed in her before being born it is considered to be the first element that wraps our being. The energy ritual baths are a life source and purification way for it is never the others to realize them and we must bear in mind that although they possess a certain magic mystique, they can be carried out without having any experience in the same one. In spite of filling the bathtub of our house with warm water (preventing from burning us) and to mix it with some essential oil, prepared of grasses, dust, salt or any type of product that guarantees a revitalization to us we will be already realizing an energy ritual bath, for it it is important not to believe that it is necessary to be a sorcerer to be able to carry out them.

Energy ritual baths across the Reiki

Although the Reiki is a millennial practice by means of which the illnesses healing is achieved across the handling of the energy, at present it has taken as an energy ritual bath. This is due to the fact that the Reiki of for itself is an energy bath; the person who practises the Reiki usually modifies the energy field to his patient, renewing him and increasing the levels of energy that it possesses bearing in mind that when a person has problems of health, independently of the gravity of the illness, his levels of vital energy are very low, and for it they present so many weakness. The energy ritual baths by means of the Reiki can help them to recover very much, especially if the patient keeps on having Reiki during the whole treatment of his illness.

baths - energeticos-reikiSo that this skill helps it to support the levels of energy needed for a much more rapid and sure recovery. Bearing in mind that the flow of energy of the one that the patient nourishes salts of the hands of the reikista, it is important that the same one realizes a ritual bath but to clean his hands of all impurities that they could go so far as to interfere with the meeting. On the other hand, one of the most important characteristics of these energy ritual baths is that the same ones are carried out to the length of the body, for what is more suitable that the patient is stopped, since this facilitates the work.

Also it is important to bear in mind that so that the energy ritual baths of this style have a major influence on the patient, the ambience where the meeting is carried out must be completely harmonious; the incenses, aromatic smokes, and another type of elements to clean the ambience can result from big help, as the musician Reiki, who turns out to be much adapted for the harmonización so much of the individual who is the recipient of the energy ritual bath as for that of the person who is carrying out it. Finally we do not want to allow mentioning that these types of energy ritual baths we can give it to ourselves ourselves, but we must possess an important development of our energy capacity.

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