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Bamboo of the luck for the good energy

The bamboo of the luck is more known like “Lucky bamboo”, it possesses the scientific name of Dracaena and is one of the most esthetic and elegant plants that exist. It is characterized for being for his high resistance to the climatic adversities in addition to which his maintenance is minimal.

The bamboo of the luck does not need of direct light to live not to develop and can grow in any space of the house, since the only thing that he needs to be able to live water is. One of the practices that more it uses to the bamboo of the luck is the feng shui since logically, the same one represents and symbolizes the good luck and there exists the belief that it marks that the green color joined the form and the structure of the bamboo of the luck attracts hard the good fortune, and to the prosperity like that be that the same one is placed in a business, in a house or, in a company. For other one side the Bamboo of the Luck is one of the plants most recommended on the part of the teachers and practitioners of the Feng shui to generate and to provoke that the flows of the good energy journey the length and breadth of the ambience in which it is, and one of the properties that you it characterize is that it creates a space in which, most of the persons feel completely revitalized.

bamboo - de-la-suerteBearing in mind all this, and due to the mentioned characteristics, the Bamboo of the Luck is every more popular day in the world and presently there are great the persons who want to have one in his houses. One of the most common traditions that are related to this plant is that it is used very much in decorations of hearths, office decorations and especially business since it is there where more luck is needed, also, at present it is very common to observe some bamboo of the luck in such special events like weddings, openings in addition to being also an excellent gift for different occasions. Generally the business that devote themselves to the sale of the bamboo of the luck usually cultivates them in a natural way and always continuing each of the specifications that are granted in the methodology of the Feng shui.

This way, one believes that one manages to stand out and strengthen the energy Chi (vital energy) of the Bamboo. We say this because in the Feng shui, it is fundamental to expire with certain norms of upbringing of the bamboo of the luck to manage to make the attraction of the good energy much more effective, especially in those cases where the bamboo is necessary to activate the circulation of the same one in places or corners that are stagnant. It is important also to stand out the fact that as well we said previously, the maintenance of the Bamboo of the luck is very simple. Quite what it is necessary to do is to put clean water periodically to prevent from drying off.

Orígen of the history of the bamboo of the luck

bamboo - de-la-suerte-mujerThe bamboo of the luck is of Thai origin and the legend counts that one summer morning, a peasant came across with a very small girl inside an enormous bamboo cane; bearing in mind the surprise that this generated him, the peasant did not know well that it could do with the girl, until he decided to take it finally to his house and to raise it as if she was her own daughter. On having grown, this small girl transformed in the most beautiful and sweet youngster of the country, reason for which all the local good-looking young people fell down produced to his feet. Because the truly beautiful young age, it is said that neither of so many beauty there could flee the one who was in that one of that time the emperor, and the same one decided to express it asking for the hand of the young woman in marriage.

The same one, it ordered a letter in the shape of reply to his order to the emperor, and she was showing the honor that he was feeling on having been an object of his love, but that with all his love was pushing the marriage proposition back, alleging that it was necessary to return to the world to which it belonged. After reading the letter, the emperor, it burned it in the top of the mount Fuji-Yama where the clouds of smoke provoked by it have remained in this place forever in representation of of the humility, modesty and longevity of the girl of the bamboo of the luck, and presently this fact is an emblem of the peace and the serenity.

On the other hand, in Japan the bamboo of the luck has spiritual poetical associations since it is said that the straight stem of the bamboo is a symbol of the determination about the meditation, while the hollow that it characterizes to the cane suggests the opening of the spirit.

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