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Explanation to the bogeys appearances

The bogeys appearances are a very common topic although something polemic, at present. In spite of the speculations that are done about this topic, thousands of tests exist in videos, recordings, photos and even persons' testimonies that they have seen with their own eyes, entities strolling for specific places of our plane.

Anyhow it is important that we bear in mind that we not all are capable of perceiving the presence of these beings around ours and one of the principal reasons is because they are they who decide when to appear and when not. In contrast to the spirits, the bogeys live in the physical plane and that's why they can materialize in any moment; the spirits for his part, only are evident when they are called or invoked. Generally when we speak bogeys appearances in the first thing that we think it is in that the same ones materialize in visible form, and although this is like that, also there exist other ways in which they are evident.

The phenomena poltergeist are a clear example of it, and these cases happen when the bogeys that they are inhabiting in a hearth do not wish the alive ones to share it with them. On the other hand, many people wonder why the bogeys appearances can only be appreciated in the night, but this is not like that, since there exist many cases in which diverse appearances have been carried out in view of the day, especially in hospitals, you salt wakes and especially in cemeteries, and this is a very important point to touch since it is common that the bogeys live in the places that more are related to the death, as it is the case of these three.appearances - fantasmas-fantasma

The explanation that many investigators give this one phenomenon is that the bogeys usually have a certain need to feel accompanied, for it they look for other beings or entities in the same situation, and for this reason also one believes that the souls that loners stroll usually suffer from the solitude that he accompanies to his death. Now then, it is true that most of the appearances of bogeys happen to the night, and although there does not exist a concrete or rather logical explanation that could explain this phenomenon, if we can say that one of the theories is that the bogeys are sorry about more insurances moving under a cloak of darkness than in view of the whole world, especially if it is a question of persons' bogeys that newly have died and that have no control on his ethereal body, what prevents them from hiding and appear when they wish it. Bearing this in mind we cannot allow quoting other of the most common questions between the persons, and this one alludes to the existence of malignant bogeys. Them true the fact is that the malignant bogeys do not exist. One believes that the bogey only thinks about how to carry out a life in the material plane but without bothering to the alive ones, for it it is difficult that the bogeys attack a person. Anyhow and in spite of this, also we must bear in mind fact of which the bogeys appearances take place why the same ones turn out to be wrapped in a jumble of emotions that do not manage to understand, for it it is important that it them neither bothers that is not even played by them since, in spite of not having intentions of damaging anybody, of provoking his annoyance or any other type of strong emotion, a very violent situation can return.

The fear of the appearances of bogeys

appearances - fantasmas-nenaThe bogeys appearances are related straight to the fear of the human beings but: What is the real cause of this?, we might say that the infinity of movies, books, magazines, informative articles, legends and other documents that they speak about the bogeys appearances, you usually put in it a nastiness dye with destructive intentions. Also it is logical to understand the fear in a person who lives day through phenomena poltergeist since it must turn out to be agreeable to see demolishing tools, clothes for his house to nobody, or even to listening to blows or steps when it is known that there is nobody more.

But it is necessary that we understand that the bogeys appearances do not happen with the intention of bothering, but rather, they happen for the need for company that these entities need, as well we were mentioning in the previous paragraph. On the other hand a solution to the bogeys appearances would be the achievement of a luck of exorcisms or local healing where we know that they are, but precisely the bogeys are beings who do not want to spend the threshold of the death and prefer to remain in our plane, then: How to extract from which they are without provoking his anger them?. Basically that is impossible since the alone intention of wanting to throw them can provoke violent reactions on the part of the same ones, therefore another solution recommended by the experts is to learn to coexist with them and to understand that the bogeys appearances are only one more phenomenon inside the paranormal world, and for this it is necessary that we liberate ourselves of the fear that provokes us to meet them.

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