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Are the spirits appearances real?

Although up to today one has not managed to verify that the spirits appearances are real, we must say that there exist thousands of testimonies and unofficial tests that they defy to this scientific belief.

There are great the reasons by which it is thought that this phenomenon is completely common and is important to emphasize that all of them are cost, since, on not having had a concise test, about this we cannot contradict those who have attended or have studied different spirits appearances. It is important to do a fundamental difference in this case, since the spirits, in general, do not appear because if as if the bogeys do it, on the contrary, these must be invoked to be evident; this implies that the spirits appearances it will only happen in those cases in which some spiritualistic meeting is mounted, be already this one with psychic professional, or, those keen persons who practise games as the ouija.

In both cases we must say that it is always necessary to treat this topic with many seriousness, and it is never necessary to consider it to be a diversion or entertainment like good have said in previous articles about our place; it is never good to provoke the forces inconvenience that we are not ready to control or to face. Although we have said that the science does not take charge of the appearances of spirits, for his part the parapsychology (although it is considered to be a pseudo-science) he has dedicated big part of his work to the investigation of these declarations. Although the above mentioned investigation is realized by means of a scientific method, up to today it was not possible to have verified anything that sounds convincing.appearances - espiritus-cementerio

The principal problem with the fact of not being able to prove the veracity of the tests that are obtained of the spirits appearances is that all of them are manipulables and very simple to forge, in fact, Harry Houdini, important part of his career dedicated to develar the frauds of spiritualism that usually defrauded the people playing with his hope to meet again with his dear beings although being this in further away. Bearing all this in mind we can know why about the mockery that he usually do to the spirits appearances. Often it turns out to be really difficult to be able to contact to some spirit and precisely for this reason the fact is that many psychic and spiritualists are late years in developing his skills and talents, this is due to the fact that often the spirits can feel bothered. Anyhow and although, as we said previously, the spirits appearances are provoked usually when the same ones are invoked, also there are many cases in which simply they appear. As the bogeys, the spirits are usually in places that have something to do with the death, the cemeteries or the morgues are usually the most common places where there are generated hundreds of histories that allude precisely to the spirits appearances.

Different types of appearances of spirits

appearances - espiritus-malignosAnother important point of standing out is that the spirits appearances must not be necessary physical, that is to say, that a spirit can be evident of other ways; generally, they usually communicate across some person, preferably a psychic, and the principal motive by which they usually provoke these spirits appearances, it is because the same ones need to give some message. As well we said that they do this across a person whose capacity extrasensory must be completely developed.

In a spiritualistic meeting it is common to see as a psychic is possessed temporarily by a spirit (although one believes that the same one debilitates his extract if it possesses the person in a lot of time) and this one communicates his message by means of the mediator. Also a very well-known method is that where the spirit is dictating the mediator what it means and this one writes it in a role while it is as in a situation luck; often the above mentioned writing must be transcribed or translated by some interpreter because sometimes they talk each other of simple scrawls, while many others it is possible to read letters and perfect words that they help to that the present persons understand what it is spending.

Other one of the spirits appearances is done by means of the ectoplasm, a substance that until now is the only analyzed proof that the paranormal phenomena exist. Often it is the psychic who canalizes the appearance of the above mentioned substance, but we must bear in mind that that will depend on the person that the spirit prefers that it transmits his message.

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