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Angels and archangels


Guardian angel, all we have one

A guardian angel is a celestial spirit that takes as a mission to take care of a person in particular. The idea of that all the human beings have a guardian angel was developed during the Vth century B.C. by the theologian Pseudo Aeropagita, and for his part the contemporary orthodox belief affirms that the guardian angel protects the body and they raise prayers to God, like a form of intermediary bridge.

The saints' calendar of the catholic church resembles the guardian angel on October 2. For his part the Christians believe that the guardian angel protects not only a person in particular, but also hearths and families under the god's order, nevertheless the belief of that God sends a spirit to observe every individual comes from the classic Greek philosophy, but in the Bible a guardian angel is assigned to entire countries and also there appear allusions of which a guardian angel exists for every child.

It is important that we bear in mind that in the beginning one believed that the guardian angel was looking over the sleep of the children, and it was taking care of them while they he was resting, for this reason the fact was that for ages one has inculcated the children that before going to sleep, must say it to his guardian angel this way to be able to sleep calm, free of nightmares. But the popular legend says that the guardian angel is a guard who is next to us from the day in which we were born, and it is us who along the life, and according to the way that we choose to take, we move away from him.

And they a spirit created by the divine thing cannot influence the being in our decisions since they must allow to the human beings his right of free will. Now then, the guardian angel exists in a conscience plane and logically in a level of vibration much higher than that of the human beings, this is the principal reason for which we are not capable of perceiving his presence. angel - guarda-angelesTo understand this it is important to bear in mind that the human beings unroll in a level something denser and with a vibration much heavier than the Angels, for it it is very difficult to interact or to gain access to them. This is not the case of the children, to whom it turns out to be much more common and easy to be in direct contact with his guardian angel, although the above mentioned contact, it is usually getting lost gradually when they begin to grow, most of the times from 8 or 9 years, since at this age, the children begin to be inserted in the most common and practical ambiences of the life. Anyhow we must emphasize that the guardian angel often becomes visible to the eyes of the human being in situations fix for the life of the person who was assigned to them. Anyhow they exist you bear witness of many adult persons who are in contact with his guardian angel by means of prayers and prayers.

Declarations of the guardian angel

Of all the celestial beings, the guardian angel is the most nearby and the one that more direct contact possesses with the man since one believes that basically it is a fundamental part in his life, and often, when a person meets in problems, the guardian angel comes to her being evident of different forms. Often in very simple situations as us, helping to find the book that we need to cross some situation of the life, or, also they can be evident in some occasional conversation that we should have with someone not known that it should be already in the tail of a bank or in some another place. More than once it has happened to us of being chat about any thing with a stranger and that of the same one there go out the words to that we have needed to listen to solve some conflict in our lives.

angel - guarda-angelIt is said that these advices that it goes out of the words of a stranger and we adopt for our life, are advices that the guardian angel says to us to the ear. To measurement the man begins to take a lot of more he makes aware about the existence and the power connection that we have with our guardian angel, all these messages will begin to become much clearer and clear, since it is probable that they arise with more frequency and in any moment that we need them.

One believes that as our conscience is waking up opposite to the presence of the guardian angel, a force is activated inside ours that supports the constant connection with the divinity, not only when different meditation skills are carried out, or when we are praying, but in every moment of our life. On the other hand, the declarations of the guardian angel can help us like guide for the way that is supposed, we must take, in addition to that he is the manager of encouraging each of our positive capacities and helps us to develop them so that we could apply them whenever we need it.

Finally we want to emphasize the belief that the guardian angel never leaves to his protected, and he depends on us feeling only his presence, as well as also giving place to that influence is crucial or not in every moment of our lives.

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