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Amulets, the most ancient objects of the history

The amulets are defined for being objects to which there assumes to them some power related to the good luck, the protection and the spirituality for the one who carries it.

One of the principal ideas that usually allude to the amulets is that of prosperity and the love. It is supposed that any person who takes a certain amulet must be benefited positively with the powers of the same one. On the other hand, the amulets represent the most ancient objects in the history of the humanity since the man found in them, a very effective way to escape of the evil that the asechaban, are these physicists, spiritual or moral. The first amulets that existed it was such natural objects like stones, glazing, wood, which in addition to assuming him the above mentioned powers, beauties were considered and form or color appreciated like natural oddness due to di. In the course of time they began to adopt amulets represented by daily objects, which it is already for having been a property of someone or for having been part of some event that left his trace, they were possessed for the purpose of having a certain power.

amulets - lucksSince one believes that the objects have the aptitude to absorb the energy of all the elements that surround them. In the current epoch, the amulets are a part of one very big attractive TV/radio commercial that bases on the diffusion of the use of talismans to achieve that it us goes better in different aspects of our life, although cultures survive, religions and creeds that they are used with different spiritual ends, especially, by some of the most superstitious persons usually use objects of all forms, colors and sizes like amulets of protection from the black magic and any type of damage or feeling (envy, jealousy, hate, etc.) that another person could exercise against them.

Anyhow, many persons question the amulets employment, arguing that all the evil of which it is supposed that it protects, they are caused by the autosuggestion of the persons and the superstition of the same ones; for example, it is very common to see that the people use a red tape in the left hand based on the belief of which the red tape used as amulet does not leave that the envy of other persons harms them. Anyhow, and in spite of the questions, there are great the cultures that up to today, base most of his beliefs and his philosophy on the amulets, and also it is important to emphasize that the same ones are a fundamental element to carry out any type of magic act. The belief in which the objects can offer to us different types of powers, is a philosophy mu8y installed in the current society, for it we can say that most of the persons always preserve all kinds of amulets.

Types of amulets

amulets - typesSince well we have mentioned previously, there are great the cultures and civilizations that during the process of his development did of the use of the amulets a typical custom; some of the Indian civilizations that usually used amulets of protection from the bad spirits were the Incas, the Mayan and the Aztecs, as different indigenous tribes who were living in the antiquity. Many of the beliefs that come from the cultures in the history are the reason for which the people use these objects, for example, the Tibetan amulets are very popular at present since he believes that the same ones have the power to protect not only against spiritual evil but also against those physical complaints that can affect us like the illnesses and the accidents.

On the other hand there are the Celtic amulets, of which, the most famous is the atrapa sleep, although many people make sure that his origin comes from resident indigenous tribes of what today is North America; anyhow one gives him the Celtic origin because it is one of the amulets most used in the Celtic magic and the wicca. These amulets not only have a fundamental historical load, but the philosophy that surrounds them is very interesting of knowing, such is the case of the Egyptian amulets that believes they are provided with magic powers that protect so much us, the alive ones as also to the dead persons, it is for it for that in this epoch, the Egyptians usually placed all kinds of protection amulets in the sarcofagi where the bodies of the deceased were placed.

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