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How are the Tibetan amulets

The design that we can they observe in any Tibetan amulet, he answers an art which nature stands out for his piety; the influence of the Tibetan culture on the rest of the cultures in the world, can turn reflected in many of the objects that we use in the everyday life.

In case of the Tibetan amulet, most of them are used like adornment in hearths, offices and commerce, and basically it is a question of statues that there can take the form of different symbols typical of the culture, as also, it is very common to see images of buda or some another deity corresponding to the culture. This type of statues is considered to be Tibetan amulets, since he believes they act like protectors against the negative energies, in addition to which they bring luck and fortune to the place where they are located.

On the other hand also there exist Tibetan amulets that possess different types of emblematic symbols for the culture, which are used usually like rings, bracelets and even hoops and brooches, some of them are for example the Infinite Knot that represents one of eight symbols of the Tibetan culture, also so called Tibetan knot, this amulet is usually stopped to protect the karmic consequences. On the other hand this Tibetan amulet is a symbol for the methods of Varayana, which imply that often, when we pull from a part of a knot it in order to try to slacken to untie it, in parallel and of course there will be another part of the same one that began to fit.

The interpretation that is given to this symbol of the Tibetan amulet is that a person must work the knot with many patience and of to little it to manage to untie. Another very used Tibetan amulet is the OM; this syllable is the most sacred of the Tibetan Hinduism, and the symbol of OM that is used in the Tibetan amulet possesses three curves a semicircle and a point. In case of the lowest curve, it symbolizes the state of the awakening conciente; the top curve indicates us the deep state in which we are when we are dreaming of the sleep and finally, the lowest curve means the ideal state.

To activate the energy of the Tibetan amulets

amulets - tibetanos-modelosThe Tibetan amulet needs of an energy activation that is realized by means of a prayer to buda, this way the Tibetan amulet acquires the necessary energy to be able to expire with his assignment. What is tried reciting this prayer is to achieve that buda it turns to the Tibetan amulet in a beam of light and a shield that protects us from the bad energies. The prayer also helps to that the amulet develops the energy capacity that not of the knowledge that we need to confront the different situations of the life; bearing in mind the relevancy that this Tibetan amulet possesses inside this culture, we must say that it is important that there is not invoked this prayer in order to which the same one brings to us luck in the material ambience. Let's remember that one of the props that it supports to the philosophy Buddhist is precisely the fact of resigning to everything the material elements to which the man feels so attached, for it, to use this type of Tibetan amulet with economic interests is considered to be basically a sacrilege.

As for his protective powers, the same one can turn out to be very useful in those cases where we do not want to see you inmiscuidos with negative energies; to take some Tibetan amulet on us can help us to preserve the purity of our vital energy, preventing from slipping in someone that does not belong at our vibration level. amulets - tibetanos-tiposMany people wonder that it happens if the Tibetan amulet is not activated correctly and the true thing is that there does not exist a way of activating "incorrectly" a Tibetan amulet since the same one will be activated according to the level and the flow of our energy.

For it it is necessary that when the prayer is invoked for the activation of the Tibetan amulet, the ambience where it is carried out is propitious; very calm and embattled peace and harmony. If it is possible to carry out in some garden or park, it is much better, since to be in contact with the peace of the nature always helps to that the energy flow is much purer and intense. Finally we mean that it is not necessary to take the Tibetan amulet constantly with ourselves, especially if it is a question of some statuette or image, but if we are speaking about some type of jewelry shop like rings or medals, there will be no problem. Of course, it is necessary to bear in mind that the energy surcharge is never good for a Tibetan amulet, for it we recommend to him to realize to him some energy cleanlinesses that can be carried out by means of incenses, aromatic smokes, or even with natural extracts, the important thing is to achieve that the amulet is not blocked by our own energy.

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