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Amulets of protection from the black magic

The amulets of protection from the black magic have become very popular in this epoch due to the persons' quantity that they are victims and have been have been affected by charm, conjurations and works of black magic, and the true thing is that the problems that this type of dark influences can go so far as to bring in our life can become very serious.

The rituals of black magic that are carried out by the only end of damaging a person in particular, usually have his influence on the family or the personal relations, the work and the sleep of the victim, and due to how difficult it is to discover if we are or not under a dark charm, many witches and white wizards, they have developed a series of amulets of protection from the white magic to prevent the persons from being a victim of this evil.

These amulets are usually done from magic symbols that have a certain energy resonance and that act like protectors, but although today there are objects very common and easy to manage, the amulets of protection from the black magic have his origin in the antiquity, but from a beginning the protection amulets were created like way so that the malignant spiritual forces do not interfere with our dimension; for example, in the ancient Egypt all kinds of objects was used, from lucky charms with medallions, up to rings, and statues that were protecting his proprietors so that no evil affects them.amulets - proteccion-magia-negra-template

But undoubtedly, the amulets of protection most popular from the black magic were those that had his birth in the Celtic culture, where the druids and most of the wizards who were practising white magic, needed to be protected from the black wizards. In that epoch the black magicians were occurring rarely it will attack the targets provoking the anguish on the part of different malignant spirits, but at present, the form of damage is slightly more direct. It is common that when we are under the influence of a work of black magic we present disorders in the sleep and psychic obsessions, especially the paranoia and the panic and frequently. Basically this is what it takes us to the personal problems, with the family or with the couple, and when the works are realized of the persons' hand that they have some type of envy to us it is probable that all the problems center on the labor area, these are always alone some of the reasons for the aftermath the believing people ride different with it type of amulets of protection from the black magic.

Symbols of protection from the black magic

amulets - proteccion-magia-negra-amuletosThe amulets of protection from the magic generally possess some protection symbol that serves to banish to the dark forces of which we are victims when they submit to some type of work of this one nature to us, some of more used are the chandeliers and the scorpions although in the beginning, the ancient Indian civilizations believed that there were an excellent amulet against the stings of the viper, since the poison of both is lethal, that's why the magic I adopt them like amulets of protection from the black magic since before the danger (the chandelier and the scorpion), the malignant spirits do not approach; on the other hand the pentaculo wicca or Celt also is an important and powerful symbol for the protection.

This is due to the fact that it is one of the ensigns most used in the white magic, what it is done by a real enemy of the black magic, and most of the persons who possess or show a pentáculo, for the negative forces, they are marked like protected from the white magic, and in many cases the works of black magic usually do not affect them, although we must say that on the other hand, for the demons, the fact of facing an enemy can be the whole challenge. For it he is a very careful precise being if a pentáculo is used as protection symbol: although the crosses are more associated with the Christianity, the energy that the people put in them them does an excellent protection amulet, perhaps not so much for the damage provoked by works of magic, but undoubtedly it turns out to be a repellent one for the demons.

Finally we cannot ignore one of the amulets of protection from the black magic that more are used in the white magic, and this is the key. This amulet was created by the Greek gods, to preserve the health of his faithful, but as the history was passing, his original targets were modified up to today, where it represents an amulet of protection from the black magic that provokes to us very serious illnesses, which can go of complaints in the bones, organs, and in some cases untreatable illnesses.

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