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The Egyptian, most powerful amulets

To understand the importance that the Egyptian amulets possess in the magic of the actuality we must know that the ancient civilization of Egypt is much known by all the esoteric mystique that was surrounding it, and inside this mystique a strong belief was in the power of the magic of the amulets. The same ones were used in different areas and with different meanings, and the magic power that there was in them really impressive age; in fact, the Egyptian amulets are the most powerful inside the group of the amulets corresponding to the ancient civilizations, since the people Egypt believed like nobody in the power of the magic.

Every Egyptian God had his own amulet, and these were possessing different magic properties that were making invulnerable to the person who was showing it, such age like that, which they usually buried to his dead persons with the sarcofagi full of amulets so that these were giving them the power that the same ones would need to begin his transition for another world. Also, since the souls were submitted to a judgment to decide if they were worth keeping on living (like spirits) or they deserved to be eliminated, the amulets were a gift to the court of the Egyptian underworld. Up to today, the Egyptian amulets are usually much used in the magic practices, as well we were saying previously, and in spite of the antiquity that the same ones have, the tradition of his power keeps on being something current.

Egyptian amulets and his meanings

amulets - egipcios-tiposSince well we have said, the Egyptian amulets were a fundamental element of the culture and each of them had a different meaning and certain magic powers were assuming to him; for example, the Egyptian amulet of the vulture which was trying to grant him the one who was using the Isis power, for the protection of the deceased persons. This amulet was done in pure gold and with the form of a vulture with his wings extended in the flight. Other of the Egyptian amulets that more are used in magic rituals, or even that many people take with it is that of the eye of Horus, one of the most well-known and most emblematic of the culture; the Egyptian amulets corresponding to the Horus eye it is divided in an eye that looks at the right and other to the left, and when both join they represent Horus watching. According to the extracted texts of the book of the dead persons, one of the eyes was a target mi9entras that other was of black color; also it is said that the eyes represent Ra and Osiris.

Other of the Egyptian amulets that of course we know is that of the amulet of the soul, which was done of gold and incrustations of precious stones and his form was that of a hawk with his head in the shape of human head. The target of the amulet of the soul was to join to a body mummified with his spirit. The golden necklace is other of the most significant Egyptian amulets in the culture; it was used in the moments before closing the sarcofagus of a deceased, and the target was of giving to the deceased the necessary forces to be able to release the chains and this way be able to become alienated from everything material that knows, and be able to leave to the underworld to be judged.

The Egyptian cross symbolizes the eternal life; the top circle represents the woman and the straight line to the man, although many students affirm that the circle symbolizes the divinity. This Egyptian amulet also received the name of “the key of the Nile” since they were considering it to be a magic key that was opening the doors for the immortality. amulets - egipcios-amuletosFinally, we cannot allow mentioning one of the Egyptian amulets most adopted as the actuality, and it is the sacred beetle. This amulet usually links with the God Jepri who symbolizes the renaissance of a being; basically the sacred beetle symbolizes the transformation of the existence.

According to the powers that were assuming to him, that one that was carrying it in life was possessing finished immunity against the forces of the evil be already this one visibly or invisibly; also it had typical of providing his alive bearer, force and power every day, and in case of those persons who were placing them in the sarcofagi of his dead persons, the sacred beetle had the possibility of resuscitating to the deceased and that obtains the eternal life. This way one began to use this Egyptian amulet being placed on the mummies during the ceremony in which the heart of the dead person was weighed since one believed that the beetle was getting inside the mummy and was replacing his heart. To end we mean that each of these Egyptian amulets preserve until the day give today his magic properties and they him will serve to all those persons who create in his power.

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